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English word or proverb for expressing a surplus of mental resources in a person? [closed]

In Danish we say that some people have a lot of "overskud" (surplus) or "mentalt overskud" (mental surplus) if they are able to help and look after others, even though they may be very busy themself. ...
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Is the origin of a coordinate system also called "origo"? [closed]

In a coordinate system, the (0,0)-point where the axes meet is mathematically called the origin in text-books and in texts I can find online - e.g. on Wikipedia. In my mothertongue Danish, we instead ...
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What’s the English equivalent of the Danish word “tovholder”?

I’m looking for something similar to the Danish word tovholder (literal translation: rope holder) which means something like a micro-manager for a single specific task but without the negative ...
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An English phrase for this Danish phrase?

In Danish we got a good-humored phrase which goes like this: Spis lige brød til Literally speaking it means: eat bread to or eat some bread This of course makes no sense in English in Danish ...
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Is Jutland so-called because the region it describes 'juts out' into the ocean?

I know that 'Jutland', a part of Denmark, comes from the Danish 'Jylland', which describes the same region. But was that name just invented at random, or does it come from the verb 'jut', as the land ...
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How and in what way did the Danes come to influence English?

I was looking for some insight into the farewell greeting ta on The Urban Dictionary just now, and came across this mostly excellent top-ranked answer (adapted slightly, emphasis mine): A slang word ...
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