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Why is the comma splice an error?

It's always drilled into us that we shouldn't use comma splices. They're bad, to be avoided and poor form. But why? What makes the comma a faulty choice in something like this: I never liked ...
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In a conversation, do native speakers people call each other by name? [closed]

I've noticed a particular behavior in the frequency of mentioning the person's name we're talking with. I'm Italian, in my language we are used to calling each other by our first names during a ...
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Should I capitalise "or" between examples?

On this site, there are often many different options as an answer, for example both with and without the Oxford comma. When giving multiple options, should I capitalize the word "or" between them? ...
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Why is "You're welcomed" wrong?

Welcome is a verb, We welcome you to Rio de Janeiro They welcomed the good news. When we arrived, we weren't welcomed and a noun. What a lovely welcome. The cold welcome was unexpected. Welcoming ...
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Why do personal pronouns always come last after a list of nouns?

Why do we always put "I" or "me" at the end of a list of nouns in a sentence. For example we would say "John, Sam, and I are going to the mall" instead of "I, John, and Sam are going to the mall" Is ...
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What is the technical name for the birth and death dates that follow a person's name?

There has been discussion here as to the proper way to indicate a birth-death range for a person still alive. I would like to know what the the grammatical name of these dates. For example, in the ...
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