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These occur where a repeated subject is deleted in a second independent clause in a compound sentence.

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Punctuation of compound predicate where the first item ends in a list?

I apologize in advance for any and all wrong use of terminology. Consider a sentence of the form The project was created to practice X and learn Y. I believe the "practice X and learn Y" is a ...
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Can an independent clause have an implied (or null) subject?

I'm trying to determine whether a clause with an implied subject can be considered independent - specifically in the case of compound sentences. For example: "I was tired, but went to the party ...
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Why should I have to choose between compound sentences and compound predicates?

Sheba walked to the door and she opened it. Sheba walked to the door and opened it. I would use a compound sentence only if the subject in the second clause is someone other than Sheba: Sheba walked ...
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