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These occur where a repeated subject is deleted in a second independent clause in a compound sentence.

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Ellipsis in complex lists

How is this construction correct? The drawing-room began to look empty: the baccarat was discontinued for lack of a banker; more than one person said goodnight of his own accord, and was suffered to ...
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Can a verb be used as a linking verb and an auxiliary verb in a compound predicate sentence?

For instance, the "are" in "I hope you are well and having a good weekend." is being used as a linking verb in the first predicated and as an auxiliary in the second. Should this ...
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"No one is easy to talk to"

Do clauses with predicates that take infinitival complements like easy or ready such as the examples in (1) combine naturally with negative subjects? Are the examples in (2) OK? (1a) John is easy to ...
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that does not/do not, was/were [duplicate]

I have the two sentences below and I can't seem to figure out which one, in both cases, would be correct. They "sound" equally correct to me. Sentence 1 We should make patterns that are ...
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Using 'said' as part of a compound verb [closed]

I am working on proofreading a first-time novel. The author repeteadly uses 'said' as part of a kind of compound verb (dropping the subject after 'and'): "I don't understand," he said, and ...
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Serial comma before "and should be approved" or is it a compound predicate that does not require a comma?

In this particular situation, I cannot decide if the comma before "and should be approved" is needed because it is part of the series before it, or it is a compound predicate situation in which the ...
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Compound subjects and compound sentences

Is this a compound sentence? 'John and Hary sang well.' This sentence can be resolved into two independent clauses: John sang well, and Hary sang well. Wren and Martin grammar says that if a ...
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Repeating a subject twice - a matter of style or grammar?

Is repeating the subject twice in a sentence considered a grammar error or bad style? For example: Epic Game Music will be held for the first time in Poland at Poznan Game Arena and Game Industry ...
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Punctuation of compound predicate where the first item ends in a list?

I apologize in advance for any and all wrong use of terminology. Consider a sentence of the form The project was created to practice X and learn Y. I believe the "practice X and learn Y" is a ...
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Which one is grammatically correct, with "have" or without "have"?

I have been admitted to the upcoming class and been planning to live in the dormitory. I have been admitted to the upcoming class and have been planning to live in the dormitory.
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Future negation with two statements using "won’t" [closed]

I have a question about future negation using won’t. So, when I have a question that contains two parts connected by and and I want to make it known that those things both will not happen. So for ...
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Is the punctuation correct? Why and why not?

In this sentence He took the money home, and was subsequently arrested on unrelated charges and is now in prison. Can somebody please tell me if the punctuation is sufficient and properly placed? ...
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Is the repitition of 'can' in this sentence a use of poor grammar?

Is the repetition of 'can' a use of bad grammar? "[...] certain files can be reduced in size and can still retain all crucial information [...]" Should it simply be ""[...] certain files can be ...
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Why should I have to choose between compound sentences and compound predicates?

Sheba walked to the door and she opened it. Sheba walked to the door and opened it. I would use a compound sentence only if the subject in the second clause is someone other than Sheba: Sheba walked ...
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Can an independent clause have an implied (or null) subject?

I'm trying to determine whether a clause with an implied subject can be considered independent - specifically in the case of compound sentences. For example: "I was tired, but went to the party ...
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