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Questions tagged [comma-splices]

Questions on comma splices, i.e. commas used to join two independent clauses.

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Split a dependent clause from an independent clause

The first clause in the following sentence has no subject, nor verb: From the first agricultural settlements to the rich Emirates of the Arabian peninsula, the Middle East has always had an ...
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can a comma make a difference?

In my mind, "I like him but not her" does not mean exactly the same as "I like him, but not her". The comma would insist on the opposition and put emphasis on "him" and "her". It puts weight on my ...
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Proper use of pauses: semicolons or commas

Am I using the proper phrasing in the following sentence? In times like these, the first thing we run out of is time; and since none of us can create more of it, the only solution we have is to ...
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Is this sentence grammatically correct? Is it a comma-splice if it's a list?

This is the sentence: "Many wore mere sweatpants and ragged t-shirts, several wore no shirts at all, and few carried backpacks." My question: does having a comma after "t-shirts" make the sentence a ...
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Comma grammatical function

Could someone please name the grammatical comma use in the sentence below? It looks like an interrupter (parenthetical), but I'm unsure if the usage is correct. "The title of the song “This is ...
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Comma joining a question and a quoted speech

I find this sentence in a paper: If this coming to awareness is true good luck, why would Shi Tiesheng need designer luck, he asks: “perhaps I’m already the darling of fate?” Apparently, the author ...
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Usage of comma before ‘but’ in a long / complex sentence

I’m subtitling a spoken word piece, and the phrase, which is an answer to a question, is Identifying and accepting something not in its true form but as something else. I think there should be a ...
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How to add possessive to comma clause specifying pronoun?

Not exactly sure what the comma rule is called, but how would I add a possessive in the following sentence where the dog belongs to David? I had to take my brother, David, ('s?) dog to the vet.
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Comma splices correction

Which one is correct? In the Middle Age a lord’s intricate wall hangings were more than mere tapestries ; they were and were a measure of his consequence and wealth.
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Comma splice or implied conjunction?

There was some confusion, Mother let me know. The sentence, on the one hand, has a comma splice, using a comma to connect two independent clauses. On the other hand, this is a case of an implied ...
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Too many commas in this sentence?

I don't know if this sentence is too long, or if it's okay to keep stringing phrases with commas. Any help would be great as my English is not so good. When I was using the toy truck as a reward ...
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