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Questions tagged [comma-splices]

Questions on comma splices, i.e. commas used to join two independent clauses.

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Is it ok to combine two independent clauses into just one sentence? [closed]

Is this sentence acceptable? You’re welcome, have a nice day ahead.
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5 answers

"then" vs "and then"

I was writing an email in Outlook and its grammar correction suggested I change this: I need to do something, then I'll call you. to this: I need to do something, and then I'll call you. Is ...
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3 answers

What is a comma splice?

Is this a comma splice? What makes a sentence a comma splice? Being left at the altar on her wedding day, Pamela became furious.
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Is it a splice comma if an interjection-phrase is involved?

It's certainly poor style, if not actually wrong, to join independent clauses with a comma when a semicolon or other punctuation would have sufficed. But interjections are usually offset from other ...
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Why is the comma splice an error? [duplicate]

It's always drilled into us that we shouldn't use comma splices. They're bad, to be avoided and poor form. But why? What makes the comma a faulty choice in something like this: I never liked ...
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6 votes
4 answers

The vocative case and comma splices

I've been trying to find an answer to this question for some time, and have finally decided to... well, buck up some courage and ask. In sentences like these two "Hello, Mary, how are you?" "Don'...
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Confused on how to use "instead" in the middle of a sentence

I am dumbfounded on why the man does not spring for Walton’s help, instead, he makes sure the vessel is headed North. I'm confused on how to use "instead" in the middle of my sentence. Is that ...
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Can em dashes be used to isolate clauses starting with an “or”?

Here’s a simplified version of the sentence I'm working on. Despite what he believed — or thought he believed — he still had to contend with the truth. Or should I use commas?
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A good attitude, that's what counts. --- Good attitude is an appositive?

A good attitude, that's what counts. At first I saw this and thought comma splice; but that can't be because a splice requires two clauses. In this sentence "a good attitude" is in apposition to the ...
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1 answer

Does a comma indicate the conjunction "and"?

Does a comma mean "and" when used to separate items in a list?
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Comma splice question

is the following a comma splice? The more important idea belongs in the main clause, the less important in the clause introduced by the subordinate conjunction. I know the first part before the ...
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How should a long sentence with multiple "or"s and commas be understood?

I'm trying to get a proper understanding of exactly what a long, run-on sentence really says. The actual text is from Michigan law, but I'm not seeking a legal interpretation rather a full ...
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1 answer

What invokes a comma splice error? [closed]

The results of the study were inconclusive, therefore more research needs to be done on the topic. According to what I read, this is a comma splice. So it will be changed from ", therefore" ...
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Commas surrounding "let alone" [duplicate]

Is this sentence correct with regard to commas? Especially around "...let alone attain...". Thank you :) In a dynamic market, the Central Planning Board would be too slow to significantly approach, ...
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Can a declarative, independent clause be considered an introductory element?

Consider this question: Are you going to the birthday party? I know that the following response can be punctuated correctly in at least two ways: "I hope so. I have already bought a present." ...
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