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A Cloze test is a test filling in missing words.

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What is the best preposition in this sentence? "Since the 1960s, ——— the ascent of Noam Chomsky, the consensus has been that

What is the best preposition for this sentence and why? The full sentence is: Since the 1960s, ——— the ascent of thinkers like Noam Chomsky, the consensus has been that linguistic differences don't ...
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What is the grammatical topic of this shortening technique?

Extracted from an English cloze test: .....these virtual selves exist in the same online spaces that many people use every day. And this is a new and unfamiliar phenomenon that some people might ...
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Damage vs Harm in this context

Most scientists believe that when we sleep, we allow time for essential maintenance work to be done. Any ________ there is can be put right more quickly if energy isn't being used up on other ...
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'as much as' VS 'more than'

Please, help me. I am so confused with my English task. Very few books are read ___ Harry Potter by children. a) as much as b) more than c) the most   Very few channels are watched ...
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Which is better in this sentence, "maintain" or "continue"?

"If a conversation starts angry, it will almost certainly _____ angry." This is a question from a cloze quiz, the two options are "maintain" or "continue". The answer key says that "continue" is ...
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Using far away for depth [closed]

I was filling this cloze test from a book (the bolded words are answers): There are many methods of mining, each of which is based upon where a mineral deposit is found in the earth. While some ...
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Is it acceptable to modify "bonus" with "positive"

Before I jump to my question, a short note about cloze tests from Wikipedia: A cloze test (also cloze deletion test) is an exercise, test, or assessment consisting of a portion of text with certain ...
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Can 'operation' be accepted? [closed]

This is a comprehension cloze question for 11 year olds: His only hope for cure was a bone marrow transplant. His brother was chosen to donate some of his bone marrow. The ________ would take place ...
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How do I determine which adjective to use here?

It was a treat to see your group perform its music at the community event. Could you do the same for us at a private gathering next month? My company will be hosting a welcoming celebration for some ...
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Opinion/advice/knowledge/information: which to use? [closed]

I chose a wrong answer in a test from According to Richard's _______ the train leaves at 7 o'clock. opinion advice knowledge information I chose knowledge. The right ...
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Facing problem with a SAT Fill in the blanks type question

Professor Fernandez has been ____ about most of the purportedly humanitarian aspects of the colonial government and has insisted that its actions were on the contrary,___ I;m confused between the two ...
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"Not to want someone doing something." What shade of meaning is attached to using the gerund rather than infinitive?

On page 137 of First Certificate Trainer by Peter May (Cambridge Books for Cambridge Exams), the last paragraph in Test 4, Use of English Part 2 (a cloze test on a short text entitled Safe camping), ...
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