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Questions about words formed by the loss or omission of sounds or syllables from a longer word, usually but not always from its end; also known as truncation, shortening, apocope, and apocopation. Examples include: memo from memorandum, ad and advert from advertisement, doc from doctor, fax from facsimile, gator from alligator, coon from raccoon, phone from telephone, flu from influenza, and fancy from fantasy.

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What are pronunciation options for letter "E" in the word "Enum" (short for "Enumeration")?

Context: enum as an abbreviation/short for enumeration. This question is about pronunciation of the letter E in enum, not about the num part. I've heard people say both "æ-num" (like in &...
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Apocope at beginning of sentence [duplicate]

When beginning a sentence with an apocopated word, does one capitalise the first letter printed--ie, the second or later letter of the word? Or does one just let the apostrophe stand for the absent ...
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Why does racism drop the 'e' but ageism retains it?

Other examples include elitism, ableism, and wokeism, although the latter neologism seems to have a lively minor variant: wokism. It is difficult for me to see any rational basis for including or ...
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What is the name for the transformation of "good on you" to "onya"?

In Australian slang, there is a word "Onya" which is used in the exact same way as "Good on you". What transformations have taken place in the formation of this slang? I'm finding ...
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Is using bike word to address a motorcycle correct?

I have used the word 'bike' to address motorcycle in past. In recent years though, I noticed that this word is being used more for a bicycle than for a motorcycle. Since then I just 'assumed' that it ...
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Is "proof" an acceptable synonym for "proofread"? [closed]

I did not find "proofread" as a synonym when I looked up "proof", and this would lead me to think not. But I do like to shorten the word -- will people understand me if I do? At https://www....
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Do native English speakers use the word 'notif' to mean ‘notification’ or ‘alert’?

This question is quite subjective as it probably depends on where you live. I was wondering whether the shortened version of notification — “notif.” — was used in spoken language. In French we tend to ...
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The balled (headed) eagle?

Now I observe you staring upward and puzzling your wits to guess what great bird it is you see wheeling aloft over our heads. That, Sir, is the type, symbol, and adopted emblem of our nation, the BALD ...
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One word for heavily impacts? [closed]

Understanding social context 'heavily impacts' our connection to the characters. Need to cut this sentence down and heavily impacts is a bit clunky!
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Omitting the auxiliary verb in short answers or titles [duplicate]

Please help me in this. what do we call the composition of the short sentence below, where there's no auxiliary verb: Request approved. (subject + past participle) and which of the following gives ...
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As a shortening of "bourgeois", is "bougie" or "bourgie" correct?

Bougie or bourgie is used as a shortened, informal version of bourgeois used in African American Vernacular English. For example: The car he drives is indicative of his [bougie | bourgie] lifestyle....
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Word to describe removal of prefix

I am describing a two-way process using "prefix" as a verb: The first action is that of adding a prefix to something. The second is the act of removing that same prefix. If I am describing the first ...
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Why is "fridge" spelt with a 'd' but "refrigeration" spelt without one?

The question is in the title, why does the word, refrigeration not have a 'd' in it when fridge does?
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Why is "ammunition" shortened to "ammo" and not "ammu"?

According to Etymonline, ammo has been used as a shortened form of ammunition since 1917. Why does the shortened version end in o instead of u? The only reason I can think of is that it matches other ...
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Why is "coon" a word?

The word formation process that yielded the word coon is called (fore-)clipping: raccoon > coon Other examples of fore-clipping include: bot (robot), chute (parachute), roach (cockroach), coon (...
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When did "phone" become accepted as its own word?

In older print publications, I have come across telephone shortened to 'phone, with an apostrophe to mark where the beginning of the word had been omitted. Now, however, phone does not need an ...
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Is IOU an abbreviation, an acronym, or an initialism?

IOU stands for I owe you and we pronounce each letter separately. But how do we classify that construction"? abbreviation: a shortened form of a word or phrase acronym: an abbreviation formed from ...
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Can "sitcom" be considered an "acronym"? A Syllabic Acronym? Or a Hybrid Acronym?

ACRONYM - An abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word Much has been written about acronyms and ...
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Can the shortening of proper nouns, such as "The Nuge", be considered a type of elision?

The earliest example that comes to mind is the shortening of the name Ted Nugent as The Nuge. To be clear, I'm less interested in the dropping of syllables at the end of his name, and more interested ...
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Why is "distro", rather than "distri", short for "distribution" in Linux world?

Why is distro, rather than distri, short for distribution in Linux world?
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What does “Logitem” mean on many freightliners?

What does Logitem mean that I see on the sides of many passing freightliners? I wonder wether it’s a kind of clipping combining logistic with item. I'm not a native speaker but I love English.
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Name for an inexact abbreviation

What is the name for a word that is shortened, but done somewhat incorrectly? As an example, the word distro is shortened from the word distribution, but with the trailing i changed to an o. ...
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