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It can't possibly be true, but somehow maybe

How is this sentence to be construed: 'It can't possibly be true, but somehow maybe.' ? Can you rephrase it? Source: Would I Lie to You S17 E8. Non-UK viewers. 16 ...
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The possibility of can and may

I ask about the possibility of can. I would like to ask further to the past Stack Exchange answer. Question What is the difference between 'can', 'could', 'may' and 'might&#...
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What does the word "may" mean in terms of certainty?

For example in this sentence: This may mean he believes the document is authentic. What does this phrase mean? Does it mean it is certain the man thinks the document is authentic or it is only ...
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Why use "can and may" both in a sentence?

I have seen a lot of questions about the difference between can and may and I am aware of them. In a legal(-ish) document (some policy) I have read a statement to the effect of a consequence can and ...
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Can/Could vs May/Might [duplicate]

Can I always use "can/could" instead of "may/might" in informal language? Or there are sentences that can sound weirdly?
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Is "may not necessarily be" reduandant or does it differ from "are not necessarily"?

I feel like both "may not" and "not necessarily" contain the idea of possibility. Therefore, I find "may not necessarily" somewhat redundant. I would like to know whether "may not" can always be ...
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So that I can vs So that I may [duplicate]

In the cases below, do I always have to use 'may' instead of 'can'? Both sound correct to me however, I had read explanations that said that 'may' should be used after 'so that'. I came earlier so ...
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is may you reply to my email grammatically correct? [duplicate]

I'm curious if "May you" + verb is grammatically correct - any comments? Thank you.
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May vs can in a request [duplicate]

I was ask by my daughter, "May you tell my brother to call me"? Is this the correct way to ask this question?
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What's the correct way to express the possibility of one event happening before another?

I'm struggling to find a way to express the idea that it's possible that something was done before something else was done. I'm not sure if I'm just tired, but the idea is this: In the present ...
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Is it possible to make a accurateness score? (0= - Accurate / 10 = + Accurate ) [closed]

"She must be famous"; "She can be famous"; "She may be famous"; "She might be famous"
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help message using maybe (most probable reason) [closed]

I am developing a software where the user can save his work. But for some reasons the save task can fail. One of the most probable reason is the fact that his document is already open. I want to help ...
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Usage of the word "probably"

Consider the following sentences: She will probably come to the party. He may probably forget his umbrella. In the second sentence, isn't the word probably redundant? The uncertainty is ...
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2 answers

Difference beween requests “can”, “could” and “may”? [duplicate]

We can use can, could, and may for requests and permissions, but is there any difference between the meanings of the following three versions? May I go? Can I go? Could I go?
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Can I use 'could' instead of 'might' in this unreal situation?

Are might and could exchangeable in this unreal situation? If I were in Tom's position, I think I might look for another job.
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Should I use "can" or 'may" [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: “Can/may/will you help me with this?” Here is the sentence: If you like you {can|may} translate this text to English. What word should I use here and why.
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29 votes
5 answers

What is the difference between 'can', 'could', 'may' and 'might'?

I'm a native English speaker and I've been doing some research into English grammar for a programme I'm working on. However, on looking into modal verbs, I've only just come to appreciate how subtle ...
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"can I speak to Mr Tom" or "May I speak to Mr Tom" which one is correct [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can/May/Will you help me with this? Difference between “can” and “may” Can I speak to Mr Tom? May I speak to Mr Tom? Which one is correct? My thinking is that ...
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Difference between "can" and "may"

Which is correct if I want to request for a pen? Can I have your pen please? May I have your pen please?
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"Can/may/will you help me with this?"

Which word to use when we ask for help? Some conditions: We know that the person asked is able to do it. We don't know if the person asked is able to do it.
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