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In linguistics, a blend is a word formed from parts of two or more other words. These parts are sometimes, but not always, morphemes

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What is the symbol that shows word blending called?

What is the name of this symbol that I marked in red? What is it's Unicode value?
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Looking for a word that describes the merger of two words, is this an example of Portmanteau?

This is slightly awkward to explain, so I will be as clear as possible. I am aware of what a portmanteau is, as you will see below, but I am unsure if my examples classify as such. I'm looking to ...
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What is the word and/or process used to describe mashing two words together or inserting phonetic sounds to create new written words?

The question Portmanteau seems to apply in cases like: Phablet - Bigger than a smart phone, smaller than a tablet. Smog - Smoke and fog. Vlog - Video and blog. There must be another word for things ...
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Hats on to Hatarchy

In the Winter Bash 2015 FAQs is the following FAQ: 'Hats? People will do anything to get a hat! It'll be anarchy! Hatarchy! Worry not! All normal site rules still apply...' So: Is Hatarchy a ...
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Do Americans use the term "garburator" or is there a better equivalent?

Is it obsolete to use the term garburator to refer to a garbage disposal unit in a kitchen? If it is, do we have a better term to replace it with? Also, what is the etymology of this word?
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