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In “We’re going to throw a surprise party for her”, is "for her" an adjectival phrase or an adverbial phrase?

Consider these sentences: We’re going to throw a surprise party for her. I’ll get some flowers for Anne. In (1) for her is a prepositional phrase. Is this instance of for her an adjectival ...
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What's wrong with "I'll open you the door"?

When I call the buzzer outside my girlfriend's flat, she sometimes says *"I'll open you the door". I correct this to "I'll open the door for you". I've never heard a native speaker say it the first ...
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"to throw someone something" vs "to throw something at someone"

In the following sentence, the need for the at preposition is clear: "He threw something at him" However, if I started the sentence the other way round, it would feel (at least to me) as if the ...
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