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Can there be a subject in a sentence without a verb?

Can there be a subject in a sentence without a verb, e.g. in sentences with an attributive adjective such as the following: "All these poor tragic people", "A sad day" or "...
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In the sentence, "They went to bed hungry," what type of adjective is "hungry?" [duplicate]

This question arises from a mistake I made in class. I incorrectly identified hungry as an adverb in the sentence below. I appreciate your wisdom. Question: In the sentence, "They went to bed ...
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Multiple adjectives but following reference is singular

Everyone was mostly Muslim or atheist, like my family. What is the rule here, is the family Muslim or atheist? I know it's poorly written, I didn't write it and I can't ask the author. My gut ...
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Why are English tense names backward (adjective after noun)? [duplicate]

The adjectives in English tense names to often be postpositive adjective: present continuous/progressive/perfect(ive). Simple is used rather sloppily by different authorities, varying in either being ...
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Can anyone help me identifying the type of adjective in the following sentence? [closed]

"He is a beautiful boy." I know that if an adjective is used before the noun, it is known as attributive, but here he is a pronoun and the adjective is used after the verb is. It's a little ...
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She's a beautiful dancer means that the girl dances beautifully

How can I convey the inherent quality of being beautiful of a girl and the fact that she is a dancer? To be sure: The sentence "She's a beautiful dancer" cannot be interpreted otherwise, ...
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Strict adjective for "in a different country, not your own", for use before a noun (attributive, not predicate), that's not "overseas"?

What would be a usable alternative to overseas, in the very strict sense of "living in a country not your own"? It is strange that the most common attributive adjective for this notion is ...
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Is "in two-yearly intervals" a proper construction?

There's this construction, "x-yearly intervals", in a textbook I found. The graph shows Europe's jay population from 1996-2004 at two-yearly intervals. Shouldn't it be "two-year ...
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Is there such a thing as a participle phrase?

Look at the girl dancing on the stage. Look at the dancing girl. They are a happily married couple. The Japanese are now a meat-eating people. I understand that "dancing on the stage" in ...
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Attributive nouns in science [duplicate]

I see more and more articles in scientific journals, where attributive nouns use plural. To me they sound really strange and non-intuitive. 'materials science' 'materials design' To me they should be '...
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Do you think 'alone' can be used as an attribute adjective, ie. before a noun

OED concludes it to be "rare" now. I'm wondering if native English speakers find these quotes too dated and unacceptable for today's English. 1668 Howe - Had this been the alone folly. 1873 ...
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month as an adjective [duplicate]

For the sentence, "I am going on a two month cruise", would "two month" be considered an adjective since it means two months long. Also, is the correct wording "two months&...
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Adjectives describing quantity

What is the difference between indefinite adjectives and adjectives of quantity. Are indefinite adjectives and adjectives of quantity are same.
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Can a phrasal adjective be placed AFTER a noun? [closed]

If phrasal adjectives can be placed after nouns, what are some examples?
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What does 'fungus-growing' mean?

Renowned Swiss entomologist Martin Luscher described the mounds of this fungus-growing species as being as much as 16 feet tall, 16 feet in diameter at their base, and with a cement-like wall of ...
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