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sleep by/at night [duplicate]

I found some sentences like "Most people work by day and sleep by night." Is it appropriate to use these sort of wordings like "sleep by night"? If so, what's difference between "sleep by night" and "...
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"By" means "compare to something" here?

For this text: ... dreaming of houses uncluttered by reality, by half a lifetime of memories, perhaps. What does this mean? It means that the one who was leafing through Country Living magazine ...
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2 answers

What's the difference between “by night” and “at night”?

Oxford Dictionaries say by has the meaning of 6. indicating the period in which something happens: ‘this animal always hunts by night’ Then do we need to say, ‘Why does the sky glitter by night?’ ...
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"At this time yesterday, I had gone" vs. "by this time yesterday, I had gone"

At this time yesterday, I was going to work. [Past Continuous] I am very sure that the above sentence is 100% correct. (Reference: But I ...
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"Stop by" vs. "stop at" vs. "stop on" vs. "stop in"

What is the difference between the following? [ I am on a bus] Could you stop by/at/on/in 23rd and Pine?
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Does one stand by or at the bar?

When you are in the pub, ordering a drink from a bartender, which of the following is the correct way to say it? When both of you're stand by the bar ordering a drink, and a bartender asks to ...