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It or them: How to refer to a single noun followed by any with a pronoun?

Is the sentence below correct? I want to say I can't merely rely on self-learning in order to become proficient in my career, and I need better resources. Although self-learning is an essential ...
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What are the rules for parsing negation before "all", "any", and "every" in English? [duplicate]

My question is about how a negated "all", "any", and "every" statements are usually and correctly understood in English. I have just realized an apparent parsing ambiguity in all such statements (i.e.,...
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Verb tense use with the locution "every day" in this sentence

This sentence "The customer service representatives (had fielded) more than 150 calls every day regarding the new name of the company", is part of an exercice where we have to correct a word or phrase ...
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doesn't do everything vs doesn't do anything [closed]

I am creating a summary for English and I thought to myself: which is the correct form? the NSA doesn’t do everything by the book and lies about multiple facts. the NSA doesn't do anything by the ...
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What's the difference between "any" and "every"?

When I see "every" and "any", I think they have the same meaning but it's not actually so! To be more specific, what's the difference between "everything/anything", "everytime/anytime", "everywhere/...
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What is the exact meaning of "any" in the following passage

"A motion simulator has 2 axes of rotation. For any single axis, if the simulator is capable of spinning at a rate of 400 degrees per second or faster around that axis, then the simulator is military ...
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Does "every time" not mean "all the time"?

In this article, Singapore Plans To Become The World's First Smart Nation, there is an explanation about the E3A plan by Leonard: We're working on something that we've named E3A, which is our way ...
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"everyone", "everybody", "everything", and "everywhere" - singular or plural. [duplicate]

Are "everyone", "everybody", "everything", and "everywhere" singular or plural. I have found people who are say they are singular but also people who say they are plural. I can anyone give me an ...
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What is the difference between “any” or ”every”?

Consider: The system is deterministic if any two runs produce the same result. Can I say every instead of any in every such sentence?
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Should I use either or any in this sentence?

So, I want to ask the students to contact me if they are interested in topics A and B. Which one is better? Please contact me if you are interested in any of the following topics: ... or Please ...
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what is the difference between everywhere and anywhere

I checked the difference between anywhere and everywhere in the Longman dictionary. I have understood that when the place is not important we have to use anywhere for example: You can find a man ...
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Any individual or any individuals?

The Newyorker reports: “Any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice,” Obama said. What is correct? 'Any responsible individual' or 'Any responsible ...
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"Anyone knows that" vs. "everyone knows that"

The context is as follows. I say that X is true. The (dismissive) response I receive is "Anyone knows that". Is that a complete sentence? Yes, it is grammatical. Yes,it has some semblance of ...
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Open for "anyone"? Or open for "everyone"?

Is the tournament open for "anyone" or "everyone"?
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