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The Antimeria tag is for questions about using one part of speech as another part of speech, such as using a noun as if it were a verb: "The little old lady turtled along the road."

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What is an archaic, rare noun or word for an archetypal, vengeant, past tensive male character who is of the past that many aspire to be like?

What I mean is "someone of old" that people could be drawn to. One who is stuck in the past and in his ways and dislikes the future. Something like: • an originator • an innovator • a predecessor • ...
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Can a noun can be used as a verb for an idiom?

Is there really an idiom called "don't playground with us" which is similar to don't mess with us? I often found slang in movie/series that a noun can be used as verb also like "Let's chair him up" or ...
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Use of "PR" as a verb

I have heard the term "PR" used as a verb, but have not found this in the dictionary. The way it was used seemed to me to be a derogatory way to imply the use of public relations techniques ...
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Is it acceptable to lowercase 'google' in all verb forms? [closed]

Is it acceptable to lowercase 'google' in all verb forms? For example: He googled the information. He is googling the information. He googles the information. Please google the information. Is it ...
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Is there a word for made up verbs that end in "ing"?

One thing I love about English is that verbs can be easily created just by adding the suffix "-ing" and adjectives by adding "-ly". How would you call this phenomenon? Examples: ...
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Can you say “hyperbolizing”?

When you are expressing something in an exaggerated and ironic way, often to prove a point, can you say that you are hyperbolizing? Could it be used in a way where you could end the statement with it? ...
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Verbing, or turning nouns into verbs [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is it called when a non-verb is used as a verb? The phenomenon of turning a noun into a verb is very common. Some are more well known, like "shouldering the blame" or "...
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What is it called when a non-verb is used as a verb?

This is in very common use on the internet. I just read this: "[The] hotel employee walks in, I say "uh, puppy" and she just NOPEd the [heck] out of the room." This is often done by adding 'd to ...
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Should capitals be used when verbing trademarks?

When using a trademark as a verb ("hoovering", "xeroxing", "photoshopping" and "googling"), should it be capitalized or uncapitalized? Strictly speaking, Google and Adobe are opposed to their ...
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Is verbing in "I medalled in volleyball" etc correct?

Is “I medalled in volleyball” a grammatically correct sentence? According to OED, medal is a verb and a noun. I haven't seen any usage of the word as a verb, but I am assuming the above sentence is ...
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