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Questions tagged [antanaclasis]

A rhetorical device in which a word or phrases is repeated, but means something different in each instance.

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9 votes
5 answers

A pedant's plea for a proper pun

This problem has plagued me occasionally, and I'm finally asking: What is the proper grammar (specifically, verb use and capitalization) in the following pun situation? The only Windows I want to ...
1 vote
2 answers

A pun or not a pun?

I was talking to someone about puns and she said that it's a play on words, e.g. "those two pears are a pear of green balls" (sorry about the awful example, I couldn't think of any others on the spot)...
-1 votes
1 answer

Variation(?) on Antanaclasis

US President Obama in his recent annual State of the Union address to the Congress: In the year since I asked this Congress to raise the minimum wage, five states have passed laws to raise theirs....
7 votes
7 answers

Is there a single word for speech with a double meaning?

How could one put, in a single word, language that has multiple meanings at once?