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The accepted forms of answers (including permitted deletions), and felicitousness (does the reply give the questioner the information they desire?)

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Answering negative statements [duplicate]

You aren’t supposed to be here. Yes, I am or No, I am? Also yes, I am not or no, I am not? It isn’t raining. Yes, it is or yes, it isn’t?
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Rhyming answers with implicit irritation to the words like "where", "who", "well", etc

‎Are there any rhyming words with which one answers to or comments the words like "where", "who", "how" or "so" and "well" or "like" (which ...
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Cambridge IELTS 13 General Training's answer looks incorrect [closed]

Hi guys, I am doing IELTS 13 - Test 3 - Reading. The question #2 says "An ability to read music is essential". My answer is "false". The correct answer given by the book is "...
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Using "a lot" or "very much" to answer "how popular is something?" [closed]

Can I use "A lot" or "Very much" to answer "How popular is somebody/something?"? A full answer would be "It is very popular", but can I simply replace the ...
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Answering your own question

I have been wondering if this particular speaking device had a specific name. My wife uses a speaking technique where, instead of just making a statement, she presents it in the form of a question, ...
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