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'and' or 'or' in a specific sentence

I was recently given a specific short sentence, and a question about the conjunction. The sentence was given orally, and I think that's relevant. The sentence is: I don't know how to read and write. ...
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And vs or for a plural noun

Situation: there are ten students in my room. Some of them have blue books. Some others have red ones. Now, I am telling my subordinate to instruct them all to study the notes in the corresponding ...
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How do you give someone n options from A or B?

I have a list A and a list B, and I want someone to be able to choose n from the cumulative list formed by combining A and B. However, my initial attempts were subpar at best: You get n of your ...
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Having passion and determination "is or are" crucial to your future success [duplicate]

Having passion and determination is / are crucial to your future success. I've searched google and there're results which give both as being correct. Any rules for such structure "Having A and B ...
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And-Or Usage | Exclusion or Inclusion of Listed Items

During a debate the other night in the NM legislature there was a question as to whether the list in the paragraph pictured was exclusionary or inclusionary due to the use of "or" followed by an "and" ...
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Help with too many “and” and “or” [closed]

I have written this. However I am unhappy with the last sentence. Because it is hard to see how to read it properly, because of the “and” and “or”. “It became apparent that for some pupils, they also ...
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Subject-verb agreement confusion [duplicate]

Let's consider this sentence: The postponement of marriage in order to accumulate credentials or job experience, the willingness to move to further career goals, and — in the case of bohemians — ...
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Interpretation of "and"

Consider the sentence, A is better than B and C. Does it mean A is better than B and C individually? Or, A is better than B and C combined? Consider the following paragraph picked from this blog ...
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3 answers

Negators in sentences that switch the meaning of "and" and "or"

In a sense, this is a follow up to the question Use of “and” and “or” in lists when intent is to disallow all items. An answer states "Or has the meaning of and when it is inside a negated sentence.", ...
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is this temporal phrase with and/or ambiguous

If checked, box 1 does not include loan origination fees and/or capitalized interest for loans made before September 1, 2004. Does the phrase "for loans made before September 1, 2004" modify ...
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Use of "and" and "or" in lists when intent is to dissallow all items

Sometimes it is unclear to me whether "or" or "and" should be used in a list. For example I have seen the following lease agreement: The dwelling may not be used for illegal activities: including ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Use of AND or OR with the maximum of a list of things

Which is correct: I will pay you the maximum of $10 OR 10% of sales or I will pay you the maximum of $10 AND 10% of sales Thanks!
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18 votes
1 answer

Oxford comma before "or"?

Is the Oxford comma restricted to the use of "and"? Or can/should it be also applied in sentences with "or"? I would choose physics, mathematics or biology. I would choose physics, mathematics,...
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and/or question

If I were to write buy 2 blue and/or red towels, would I be saying: Buy 2 red towels, 2 blue towels, or 1 red and 1 blue? Or Buy 2 red towels, 2 blue towels, or 2 blue and 2 red towels?
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Is there a single word for the conjunction "and/or"? [duplicate]

For example: "Would you like to eat a pizza and/or a hamburger"
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Is there a word to express and/or? [duplicate]

So when I want to say "You can choose an apple and/or pear, and a bottle of soda and/or juice." Is there a better way to say this, without the clump of and/or?
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3 answers

Should I use a comma before "and" or "or"?

Is using a comma then an "and" or an "or" after it proper punctuation? Example: I fell over, and hurt my knee. Should I go, or not?
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When should we use "and" and/or "and/or"?

What's the difference between "and" and "and/or"? How do we decide whether to use one or the other? Note: Also it would be great if someone could explain how do we actually pronounce "and/or" ...
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Alternatives to "and/or"?

As a programmer, I have no problem with seeing or using "and/or" in technical documentation. For example, I can upvote an answer that satisfies me and/or mark it as accepted. That's perfectly good ...
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