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The ampersand (&) represents the conjunction 'and'

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In headlines, how did the comma become a substitute for "and"?

I'm seeing an increasing number of headlines where a comma is used in place of the word 'and'. Mother enraged after suspect walks free after attacking her, one-year-old baby in a parking lot The ...
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Can I use a comma before an ampersand?

Question Can I use a comma (,) before an ampersand (&)? If no, then why not? Example The same products attracted all European countries to India: spices, silk, & cotton.
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Use of ampersands for nested conjunctions

Consider the sentence: "The zoo contained giraffes, white & black rhinos, and Indian & African elephants." Here ampersands are used for the inner conjunctions, but not the outer level. Is ...
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Is it correct to abbreviate etc as &c?

I recently asked someone why they had several instances of "&c" in their writing, to which they told me that &c is another abbreviation for et cetera. I have since looked it up and understand ...
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How does the ampersand in most fonts resemble "et"

I read that the ampersand & started off as a ligature for "et" ("and" in Latin). An example of an ampersand that does look like "et" can be seen in this very site's logo. So how does the shape of &...
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Is there any basis or history for calling @ an ampersand?

Perhaps it is just my own misunderstanding, but growing up people around me referred to both & (which is correct) and @ (which I suppose is incorrect) as ampersand. It confused me for a great ...
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Does english have complex text layouts?

I've been reading about "complex text layouts" on Wikipedia as part of an i18n review for some software that I help maintain. The examples provided ...
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How could "&" have been a letter in the alphabet?

I've been googling and ran across this little blog post. It has a bit of information stating the the & symbol was at one point the 27th letter in the alphabet. For years the & symbol (now ...
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& What is the story behind the Ampersand? [duplicate]

Can someone explain the origin of this symbol, and deconstruct the name "ampersand"? I vaguely recall my mother's saying she learned her alphabet (early 1920s) with this symbol being the "27th letter"....
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Should there be a space before and after an ampersand when writing numerals?

How should one write "one and two" in short form - 1&2 or 1 & 2? Are there any particular rules regarding this? In context: You may choose to do Information Technology Units [1&2/1 &...
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What is the difference between "&" and "and" in writing?

Can I use either whenever I want to use an and? For example, I like to play and sing I like to play & sing We will walk and she will run. We will walk & she will run.
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Use of the "&" symbol [duplicate]

When is it academically correct to use "&" (an ampersand)? In university standard writing can you always use "&" instead of the word "and"?
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How to format "and" or "&" in a three-line header or title [closed]

I need to know which formatting is more appropriate. Should I place the connecting and or & at the end of second line or at the beginning of the third line? Here is what I mean: Lorem ipsum ...
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Meaning of the valediction "Yours, &c."

When the valediction "Yours, &c" is used at the end of a letter (for example in Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice), what is the "&c" standing in for? I realize that &...
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Where did the “&” character come from, and why is it here? [closed]

I’m sorry if this was asked a million times before, but neither Google nor the ELU site has helped me out. I’m wondering: What’s the reason behind introducing this character? What’s the difference ...
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Is it ever appropriate to use a space before and after an ampersand?

A colleague and I have a difference of opinion. I believe our department should be abbreviated as "L&D." She believes it should be "L & D," which just looks silly to me. I never see spaces ...
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Is an ampersand formal?

I've noticed that there are many companies whose names contain an ampersand. A quick Google search for "& Sons, Inc", or something similar, should yield countless examples. Though it's not ...
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When to use & instead of "and"

Are there rules of usage when using the ampersand "&" instead of "and"? Are they completely interchangeable? The ampersand seems more casual, but I'm not sure.
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