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Can something be "between" just one other thing?

On the left, I know "B is between A and C" But on the right, can I use "B is between A"?? Is "between" only used for two different objects?
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The Preposition "Between" in a long sentence

I got faced with a paragraph - while translating a book - that I don't understand much. The paragraph says: Furthermore, chains of command between the federal, state and local agencies involved in ...
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Between versus among [duplicate]

I am working in a text that I use the following: "I measure the similarities between companies." There are many companies, but I evaluate the similarity "between" 2 companies. I ...
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What is the best way to express relations between one party on one side, and two on the other

I recently read the following sentence: He helped normalize relations between the US and Vietnam and Laos. Assuming Vietnam and Laos already had normal relations with each other (which they might ...
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Between each/every (logic analysis)

1) How to add space between every word when typing into Word? 2) There is a marked line between each person in this row. I believe usages of 'between each/every' in the contexts above are ...
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The use of "among"

Among the places I visited were West Point, Tarrytown, the home of Washington Irving, where I walked through "Sleepy Hollow." Among Mrs. Marsh's attributes was mind reading. Could someone please ...
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similar between or similar for?

For a research project I have a question about the correctness of the following phrases The mean activities were similar between group A and group B. The study demonstrated similarity in terms of ...
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Globalisation encourage economic cooperation among/between nations?

Globalisation encourage economic cooperation among/between nations. My approach: Before my teacher taught me i saw various rules and also found some questions here related to difference between ...
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“…the city of Berlin was divided ________ the USSR, the USA and the UK” [duplicate]

After the second world war, the city of Berlin was divided ________ the USSR, the USA and the UK. Options by with between among My Approach: I am not able to solve this question what will be the ...
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"Among his team" or "among his team members"

Would it be correct to say "to disсuss among his team"? Can we use "among" with collective noun (team, group, committee, etc) if they are in singular form? Or "among" always must be followed by plural ...
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How to express connection between several items

I want to express a connection from one thing to several other items in one phrase. Specifically, how can I correct the following paragraph: Ghahremani et al (2013) showed that a significant ...
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"Between" Two Locations

I am typing up formal invitations, and I want to say that transportation will be provided from Point A to Point B (but also from Point B back to Point A). In order to clear up the to-from/from-to ...
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"collaboration among" or "collaboration between"

I have seen “between” vs. “among” and am aware of the possible duplicate nature of my question. My point here, however, is specifically to find out what it should be in conjunction with 'collaboration'...
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between and among? Alternate among? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: “between” vs “among” I want to use the following line item under a job in a restaurant Alternated between various job roles to meet the needs of a ...
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"Find a new job between the posted jobs" or "Find a new job among the posted jobs" [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: “between” vs “among” I have a question which one of these two is the correct sentence: Find a new job between the posted jobs. or Find a new job ...
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Is "between" always used for two things? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: “between” vs “among” I know the word "between" is used when we are concerned with two things. But can it be used with more than two things?
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"Difference between" multiple choices (vs. "among") [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: “between” vs “among” I learned that "between" refers to two objects or concepts and "among" refers to three or more. However, in situations when I am ...
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"There's something wrong among us" or "There's something wrong between us"? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: “between” vs “among” If I, for example, have a misunderstand with my partner, and talking with another person about it, should I say "There's something ...
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“between” vs. “among”

Today I was cut off in the middle of the following sentence: Between Cook, Strauss, and Pietersen— My friend said I was wrong. He said that for more than two entities, among/amongst are used, and ...
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Third alternative to "between" and "among?"

I want to express possibilities on a scale while providing 3 common examples. blue-----------------------orange---red If I say "Houses in this neighbourhood vary among blue, orange and red,"...
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