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Is there a name for this kind of loose pseudo alliteration? for example, gold -> glitter, crown -> king

In Norse poetry, to the fastidious skald, a word like take is not considered to alliterate with train, but a word like track does alliterate with a word like troop, and tear does alliterate with tin. ...
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Is there a term for sets of words that alliterate and rhyme with each other?

Can English have words that are both alliterations and also rhyme? is looking for the sets of words that I want to put a specific term to. Sets of words such as: divide, deride, decide alliance, ...
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What are good use of alliterative words for describing a rain on the tin roof? [closed]

I just had this question in my school homework asking to use alliteration words. The question was like this: Use words with the same beginning to describe the sounds made by the words in bold: A) Rain ...
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What term would describe the following poetry elements like rhyme, alliteration, assonance, etc. that relate to the way the word is sounded?

I'm looking for a word that categorizes rhyme, alliteration, assonance, etc. that relate to the way the word is sounded into one group/word. I hear that it could be called "sound devices" ...
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Rephrasing "Audience-minded" or "Audience-attentive"

I am struggling to find the best flowing combination of the words "Audience-minded." I would preferably like to have it read "x-minded". Although, I am not opposed to a synonym that better flows. By ...
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Alliteration Request: A word that starts with C and means “remarkable” [closed]

I am writing a YEAR 12 English assignment which is a feature article about the novel Girl With A Pearl Earring. I am working on my conclusion when I noticed I had a chance to add in some more ...
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What is the term for repetition of an initial syllable in successive words?

In Anne Tyler’s A Spool of Blue Thread, one character comments on the name of another Carla Carlucci: alliteration. Or something more than alliteration, but I don’t know the term for it. ...
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Etymology of "butthurt"

What is the etymology of the term butthurt? This link suggests an allusion to victims of anal rape. But the reference is not explicitly described as etymological, but merely suggestive. And the ...
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Is "apt alliteration's artful aid" actually alliterative?

... and if not, what is it? This cropped up in a facebook expat group that I am in, when one commentor insisted it is assonance, not alliteration. As the only linguist in the group I was called on to ...
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Can English have words that are both alliterations and also rhyme?

I’m wondering whether it’s possible for words to not only alliterate with each other but also rhyme with each other at the same time. Is it? It seems like it should be possible, especially if you ...
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