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Is it incorrect to say "All the trip was so fun?"

To me, the phrase "All the trip" sounds wrong, but I've been reading the different explanations of when it's acceptable to use "all," "all of," "entire," and "whole" and I can't find a rule that ...
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Can't we say "all the day"?

I'm a studying English using a book titled "Grammar in use". I've learned that "all day" means "the complete day from beginning to end". The book says, "Note that we say "all day" (not "all the day")...
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When to put "of" after "all"? [duplicate]

What’s the difference between all and all of? When should one use of following all to make all of, and when should one drop the of and just use all all by itself? For example, in this sentence: ...
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Difference between "all the" and simply "all" [duplicate]

In a mail from my professor, I read you need to specify all the fields. Here, he gave us a form with about 25 fields. He asked us to fill out the fields. I'm skeptical about the usage of the in ...
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Article "the" with relative clauses [duplicate]

I am not confident about my judgement as to whether or not "the" is required if a relative clause is used in a sentence. For example, The data can be collected on all the computers on which the ...
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3 answers

Which is right — "all the three" or "all three" in a situation of specific objects?

Let's imagine, I'm speaking about someone's three specific cars, which are over there, there, and there. Now I'm saying that I have installed a new sound system in all of them. Which is right: [....
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"All X" vs. "all of X" vs. "all the X"

Is there any difference between "all X", "all of the X", "all the X"? E.g., all friends all of the friends all the friends
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"All rooms" versus "all the rooms"

When a hotel gives a description of the rooms in the facility, which sentence is correct and why? All the rooms are equipped with a free internet connection. All rooms are equipped with a free ...
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Difference between 'all' and 'all the'

I came across people using all the in sentences instead of all. Select the type of user to view all the users of that type. All the users of the selected role are displayed. I usually strike out ...
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