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Questions tagged [adverbial-phrases]

Use this tag with questions involving a phrase working as an adverb. Adverbial phrases may appear anywhere in a sentence. They make up one category of adverbials.

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1 answer

adverbial phrase with comma

In the following sentence He didn't read it, not even the abstract. 'not even the abstract' looks like an adverbial phrase used to modify 'read'. I am confused about the comma, what is the purpose ...
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What are the grammatical concepts of this sentence?

Sentence: The car is the best mode of transportation but requires lots of gasoline, making it expensive to operate. I think this is a grammatical sentence but am not sure what the proper concepts ...
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Are "many times", "a few times", "most days", etc. frequency adjuncts/adverbials? If so, of what type?

Huddleston and Pullum (2002) divide frequency adjuncts/adverbials into bounding (how many times) and non-bounding (how often). This is similar to Quirk et al's "definite" and "...
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Question about adverbial prepositional phrase in mission statement [closed]

The company I work for is working on a mission statement for our blog. Currently, there's a debate over which of the following is correct (or more correct): To empower our customers to make well-...
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The unusual phrasing "verb + the + comparative adjective" in the Lord of the Rings novels

I first noticed this phrasing in Sam's famous speech in the The Two Towers movie. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer. The highlighted part seems to originate in the second book of ...
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5 votes
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What are adjective phrases exactly?

I've been under the impression that "adverbial phrases" are phrases that function adverbially and "adjectival phrases" are phrases that function adjectivally. My understanding is ...
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How would you describe a car kicking up clouds of dust as an adverb of a car heading somewhere?

I am trying to translate a sentence from Turkish to English. I'm almost satisfied and it is something along the lines of A black car kicking up clouds of dust was seen heading to the city from a ...
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Should a two-word noun that modifies be hyphenated?

I came across the sentence "He is Fibonacci spiral attractive," and my first thought was that "Fibonacci spiral" should be hyphenated. I consulted my sister, and she thought it ...
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What are some synonyms of "as a consequence"? [closed]

What are some other phrases/words with similar meanings to "as a consequence"? For example, Temperature is increasing. As a consequence, the number of cyclones is increasing due to [.......]...
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