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4 votes
2 answers

Can adjectives make adjuncts modifying verbs?

Her teeth gleamed white against the tanned skin of her face. It seems ‘white’ is an adjunct modifying gleamed, while it’s not a complement for it’s not necessary to complete the meaning. But I’m ...
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What's the difference between adjuncts and modifiers?

All types of adjuncts (my conclusion from An adnominal adjunct is an adjunct modifying noun, i.e. it's dependent words in noun phrases (a good boy, the discussion before the game). ...
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Is this Adverbial a complement or an adjunct?

According to Wiki, Adverbials are typically divided into four classes: adverbial complements (i.e. obligatory adverbial) are adverbials that render a sentence ungrammatical and meaningless if removed....
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Why can an adjective be placed after "eat" as in "garlic can be eaten raw"?

Edit note: This question with some good answers does not explain (or ask) why it is an adjective that's used as opposed to an adverb in this type of construction: Is this an objective complement or ...
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Argument vs. adjunct

I have a problem identifying certain structures of the sentence; sometimes it is hard to tell whether I'm dealing with an argument or adjunct. Adjunct is said to be optional;, that is, its omission ...
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What's the FUNCTIONAL difference between a supplement and an adjunct/modifier?

I'm trying to understand the difference between supplements and adjuncts/modifiers. In my search for enlightenment, I've come across a number of entries and posts, of which I think this one summarises ...
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What does an adjunct modify?

Does an adjunct always modify the noun or can it modify the verb, too? For example: He talked about me [in a hateful way]. I don't think that saying "in a hateful way" modifies him would be true. ...
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