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"My wife and I's seafood collaboration dinner"

I just stumbled upon a Reddit post titled: My wife and I's seafood collaboration dinner. How does it look? Sure enough, the top comment immediately points out that it should be "my wife's and my". ...
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Job title + possessive case [duplicate]

Is the following construct (grammatically) correct? Swiss mathematician and physicist Leonhard Euler's contribution to number theory was [...] It sounds clumsy to me; however, this rewrite sounds ...
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How to denote possession with "Bureau of Statistics" [duplicate]

When denoting possession with Bureau of Statistics, does one use "Bureau's of Statistics" or "Bureau of Statistics'"? E.g. according to the Bureau's of Statistics Consumer Price Index ...
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How to use possessives when the subject has a number after? [duplicate]

I have a question about possessives. While "Peter's ball" is easy and clear. How do I express the notion of "the ball that belongs to agent 2"? Would it be "agent's 2 ball" or "agent 2's ball" or ...
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Possessive apostrophe in phrasal descriptor [duplicate]

If I want to describe a person/group and then refer to something of theirs. Would these be permissible? The guy in charge's hat It is the people of France's doing It is everyone else's fault The ...
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Lack of possessive marker when taken from a group [duplicate]

I'm confused by this sentence: One of my best friends band is playing tonight. What is it that happens here, is the possessive marker completely dropped? From what I understand: I can't add an 's ...
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How do I make a word possessive when there are words after it before the object? [duplicate]

Would I say: "It was the boy's beside her balloon." Or "It was the boy beside her's balloon." I feel like it's the first one, but it sounds weird when I say it out loud. Thanks!
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What's wrong with "One of my children's name IS John"?

Please don't throw this one out as a duplicate of “one of …” singular or plural? I'm not asking about the plurality of the noun immediately following those two words - I'm interested in exactly why ...
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What's the genitive of "someone else"?

This is Konrad. He has a dog. Hence, it's Konrad's dog. This is someone else. He has a cat. Hence it's someone else's cat. Hence it's someone's else cat. Hence it's someones else cat. Hence it's ...
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First of these's?

Say a list of things has already been mentioned. How do I refer to an attribute of the first thing in said list? "The first-of-these's attribute" "The first's attribute" edit: thanks for the ...
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What are the correct names of English cases?

I have seen the three extant cases in English referred to with several different names. Which of these is most correct in describing the respective case? Nominative or subjective? Accusative, ...
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