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Should I use hyphens with prefixes like "sub" and "semi"? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: When is it necessary to use a hyphen in writing a compound word? Some English texts, use the prefix sub put before a given proper word with "-" between them, for example sub-...
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"Opt Out" or "Opt-Out" [duplicate]

I've seen "opt out" used in some places and "opt-out" in others. Both seem to be used in the same way - to remove one's self from something. I'm not able to find any official sources that suggest ...
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Reimplement or re-implement? [duplicate]

Which form is correct (or more correct): reimplement or re-implement? And to extend the question a little bit, are there any rules concerning both, e.g. re-scan or rescan, re-evaluation or ...
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"Side effects", or "Side-effects"? [duplicate]

Merriam-Webster implies both are correct: side effect (without hyphen) side-effect (with hyphen) Which is more common? My go-to litmus test, google searching both and comparing the number of results,...
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walk-through, walkthrough, or walk through? [duplicate]

Referring to something that means a step-by-step tutorial, which is the correct word / term ? walk-through walkthrough walk through I'm under the impression that the dash version "walk-through" is ...
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What (if any) is the proper hyphenation for the phrase "it's all too easy"? [duplicate]

Are any of the following correct? It's all too-easy It's all-too-easy It's all too easy Explanation/citations would be greatly appreciated
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Should the words "much needed" be hyphenated or not? [duplicate]

Here's an example of what I mean: "It's time for some much needed rest and relaxation." Or should it be: "It's time for some much-needed rest and relaxation."
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Cellphone or cell phone? [duplicate]

I want to get this right, so I’ve decided to get the opinion of all you smart folks out there. I’ve seen the word written both ways, I personally write cellphone as one word, but I’ve seen it written ...
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Is it Game time or game-time? [duplicate]

I'm trying to verify the correctness the following sentence: Game time is Sunday. Is it correct or should it be "game-time"?
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Hyphens in "nationally top ranked" [duplicate]

In order to combine "nationally" and "top-ranked" would the resulting qualifier be written as "nationally-top-ranked" or "nationally top-ranked"? Edit: I do not immediately see the applicability of ...
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Are the hyphens necessary in "hard-to-find" or can they go without? [duplicate]

Is it necessary to hyphenate the words "hard-to-find" together when referring to things which have a property of being not readily located? Example: Adam locates hard-to-find items.
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"boilinghot" vs "boiling-hot" vs "boiling hot" [duplicate]

As the title indicates, these three forms of words/phrases can be quite confusing to me sometimes. When should they be written as one word ("boilinghot"), when should they be written in two words ("...
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Hyphen usage. Mono-channel and multi-channel or monochannel and multichannel? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: When is it necessary to use a hyphen in writing a compound word? While writing a technical paper about fiber optics this question about hyphens came out. Should this words be used ...
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Why are open source and closed source usually not hyphenated? Should they be? [duplicate]

Typically, English writers do not hyphenate open source or closed source when referring to computer software. Why is this? Should they be hyphenated or is it best to not use hyphens for these terms?
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Using hyphen and quote marks in composed term? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: When is it necessary to use a hyphen in writing a compound word? I want to write a term composed out of multiple words, and I would like to know whether I have to use hyphens ...
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