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Difference between anything but and anything other than? [duplicate]

If I say "anything but ordinary", it means it is not ordinary, it is unique and different. What if "anything other than ordinary"? Does it mean the same as "anything but ordinary" or does it simplify ...
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"All but" idiom has two meanings?

Here's two ways I've seen the "all, but" idiom used: "Close all tabs but this one" (Any modern application with a number of tabs might have this as an option.) It means "close all the tabs, but not ...
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"to be all but X"

What does "all but" mean in this expression? Today, under pressure from P2P distribution, optical disc piracy in wealthy countries is "all but eliminated" and profit margins ...
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"He all but [did something]" [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: “All but” idiom has two meanings? “to be all but X” He all but ran out of the building If I understand it correctly (English is not my native ...
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"all but one refused to do" means everyone do it or only one did it? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: “all but at most one” - What does it mean? When a sentence has this phrase: "....which all but one refused to do." Does it mean all refused to do and only one did ...
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"However, this book is anything but" meaning

What's the structure and meaning of this sentence in the following text: A friend lent this to me before I headed over to Italy and France this summer. I was a bit skeptical at first as he's ...
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"But Only" - How to Figure Out the Meaning?

I first cite the definitions of "but" as an adverb or preposition: adverb : no more than; only. Preposition: except; apart from; other than: Could someone please elucidate/explicate but only below? ...
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Difference between "but" and "nothing but"

Every now and then I stumble about a construction like this: It was but something.... and I understand it to be It was nothing but.... or It was only... depending on the context. I do ...
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Interpreting the meaning of 'but' as an implication for exclusion/inclusion

I often find it difficult to interpret the meaning of but in some of the sentences where it is used to imply exclusion/inclusion. For example: Drink everything you want but alcohol. Also, sometimes ...
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Problem with the usage of "but" [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Specific usage of the word 'but' Interpreting the meaning of 'but' as an implication for exclusion/inclusion “nothing but” vs. “anything but” vs. “everything but” ...
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Is "everything but" here "nothing but" instead? [closed] says “You called Senator Sanders everything but an ignorant slut,” Senator Kennedy said. “That is not true,” Tanden said. Does "...
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