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Importance and relevance (and accuracy) of the distinctions of the two forms of the future simple tense [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What are the guidelines for usage of “will” and “is/are going to”? I am an ESL teacher in Thailand at a business college. I have been plagued with the ...
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I am in New York when you are in London next week

Is the titular sentence grammatically correct? I typically use will and I am trying to learn (and teach) better forms. It sounds odd but if both I and you have made plans to be in New York and London ...
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which one is correct sentence? [duplicate]

1.New employee is going to join on Sunday. 2.New employee is joining on Sunday. 3.New employee will join on Sunday. 4.New employee joins on Sunday. Can you please let me know which sentence i should ...
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What are the subtle differences between the four sentences about "leave"? [duplicate]

He leaves for Japan next week. He is leaving for Japan next week. He will leave for Japan next week. He is going to leave for Japan next week. Though I know all the four sentences are correct, and ...
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