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No article with president [duplicate]

If I were president... Why don't we have article "a" before "president"? Thank you!
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Which is grammatically correct? He was mayor (or) a mayor from 2010 to 2014 [duplicate]

I have encountered the following sentence in Macmillan Dictionary. He was mayor from 2010 to 2014, if my memory serves me correctly. But other grammar books say that we should omit the article "a/...
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Should I add a "the" before "headmaster" here? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: “To be elected chairman” vs. “to be elected the chairman” Omission of “the” in “elected him president” and “made captain&...
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Professor, countable or uncountable? [duplicate]

According to my Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, the word "Professor" is a countable noun. However, one of its examples reads: professor a teacher in a college or university. In Britain, a ...
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Why is it OK to drop articles in “Leopard Rock is fortress and home”? [duplicate]

In episode one of the National Geographic documentary The Savage Kingdom, there is this line which you hear said (and see in the subtitles) there: Leopard Rock is fortress and home. The line reads ...
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To become (a) soloist [duplicate]

Should I put indefinite article in the sentence She became (a) soloist of/with the American Ballet Theatre?
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If I were elected president [duplicate]

Presidential candidates say "If I were elected president" but why don't they add an article in the sentence? Shouldn't it be "If I were elected a president"? After all, we do add articles in sentences ...
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executive secretary [duplicate]

When I look up my dictionaries for 'executive secretary', I found the below 2 examples: She’s executive secretary to New York University’s president. He was executive secretary of the NAACP. I have 3 ...
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Why do people sometimes omit the definite article where it seems sensible to include it?

I'm used to always hearing or seeing a definite article before certain nouns. Yet on certain occasions the article is totally omitted, and it bothers me. I'm wondering what the justification for ...
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What is the comparative of "I am broke"?

I am broke In slang it means to be without money, but how would I say (facetiously) that my economic situation is worse today? a. I am broker today b. I am more broke today Solution b) ...
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Should there be an article before "mayor" in "the role of mayor"?

SimCity, for example, casts youth in the role of mayor. I'm not sure if I understand the usage of zero article correctly. There is no article before 'mayor' as this is the instance where we refer ...
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Is 'president' in 'run for president' a bare role noun phrase?

A Student's Introduction to English Grammar says: A bare role NP is a singular NP that is ‘bare’ in the sense of lacking the determiner which would elsewhere be required, and that denotes some kind ...
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Why there is no article before "heire"? [duplicate]

The following passage is from All's Well That Ends Well: Shee is young, wise, faire, In these, to Nature shee's immediate heire: And these breed honour: According to the research I did on Cambridge ...
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