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Haven't got or haven't gotten? [duplicate]

Which is correct? I haven't gotten any sleep since Monday I haven't got any sleep since Monday (Are both of these sentences wrong? Should I use "I haven't slept since Monday" instead?) Thank you x
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Shouldn't have got or gotten [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Difference between “I have got” and “I have gotten” In this example, my teacher thinks it should be got, but I feel like gotten is better: I shouldn't have got / gotten ...
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Is 'gotten' a proper/legitimate word? [duplicate]

According to what I was taught as school, the past tense of 'get' is 'got' and 'gotten' is "an American corruption and, therefore, is not a proper word". Example: "Should auld acquaintance be ...
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Difference between "I've got a cold" and "I've gotten a cold" in American English [duplicate]

I once heard there is a difference in meaning between these two sentences in AmE. Is there any? The possible duplicate Difference between "I have got" and "I have gotten" does not ...
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"...that I have not got", vs. "gotten"? [duplicate]

In such a context as... I have never applied to job that I cannot do, nor to one that I have not gotten. vs. I have never applied to job that I cannot do, nor to one that I have not got. My ...
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Is the phrase "has got" grammatically correct? [duplicate]

Does "Mary's Got Talent" mean "Mary Has Got Talent"? Is "has got" grammatically correct in this instance?
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You've got or gotten? [duplicate]

I would like to properly use the verb get in the following sentence: "You've ___ bigger since the last time I saw you, Bobby." Should the past tense got be used or the past participle gotten? I ...
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Have got + adjective (Present Perfect) [duplicate]

this is a question most suited to British speakers! I am aware of the difference between the British and the American "get" conjugation (got-gotten). Now, I have come across the sentence "My cough has ...
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they would've got away with/would've gotten away with it [duplicate]

Which is right: They would’ve got away with it. They would’ve gotten away with it. I am interested in what we would say in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, not in the United ...
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Ambiguity regarding got/gotten usage (in AmE) [duplicate]

I am aware of the way to use got/gotten in BrE vs AmE. I have come across a phrase which, to my eyes at least, seems one where both can be used (we're talking about AmE now). He opened his drawer ...
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Got/Gotten- Is there a trick? [duplicate]

Got/Gotten- Which one should I use and is there a trick?
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American English of "have gotten" [duplicate]

The British discontinued the usage of "gotten" around 300 years ago while the Americans retained its use. "Have gotten" in AmE is therefore preferably to "have got". What is then the difference ...
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American English [duplicate]

I notice that Americans use the word 'gotten' when we in Britain just use 'got' - is 'gotten' accepted American English, that is, used and accepted in English examination papers, or is it a type of ...
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I get/got/'ve got/'ve gotten/have it [duplicate]

When you want to tell someone that you understand something, you might say, "I get/got/'ve got it." But Q) Do we say "I've gotten it" or "I have it" in place of the above?...
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Which sentences are right [duplicate]

i have question. I would like to ask my friend something, he is on holiday. First sentence: Do you have any interesting activities there? - or should i use have you got? Second: Have you ever got ...
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