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Do I have to repeat a verb before and after "and"? [duplicate]

I am writing an essay and I am stuck with this sentence The citizens cast their votes choosing Mark as president and choosing me as vice-president. is this correct or should it be The ...
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" the top or bottom" vs " the top or the bottom" [duplicate]

I'm a bit confused about the usage of "the" in a list. Even after reading this post, it's not clear to me which of the following is grammatically correct. "Is the [object] at the top or bottom?" "Is ...
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Is " ... and was wondering ..." correct? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: I <verb> and am <rest of sentence> Since I'm a native Spanish speaker I tend to suppress the subject a lot when speaking, since most of the time it's tacit for us. ...
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"I'm a student and I work at Burger King" or "I'm a student and work at Burger King"? [duplicate]

Is is necessary to use the Subject Pronoun in the sentence below? I'm a student and I work at Burger King. or I'm a student and work at Burger King. Which one is correct according to the ...
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Can the second 'I' be omitted in 'I am ... and I am ...' [duplicate]

For example, if I want to say I am grateful to have been offered a place on the program and I am very happy to accept the offer. Is it better or not to omit the second 'I'? I am grateful to ...
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Repeated elements following an “and”: Use ’em or Lose ’em? [duplicate]

Here is a sentence: You have to be nice to alleviate the social anxiety and start a healthy relationship. Should it be like that or like this: You have to be nice to alleviate the social ...
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Why don't we say "We're going eating"?

I found an interesting observation about the English language in this answer post: Try explaining to a Finn sometime [...] why We're going shopping is OK in English, while *We're going eating isn't[...
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What’s the long form corresponding to the short form “English Language & Usage”?

Am I right that ①English Lan­guage & Usage is the short form ei­ther for ②English Lan­guage & Its Usage or else for ③English Lan­guage & The Usage of It, rather than for ④English Lan­guage ...
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Jameson whiskey commercial construction with implicit verb

While watching the Daily Show, a commercial came on. Here is the construction: "...When the Hawk of Achill took a barrel of John Jameson's whiskey, well that was another matter. But Jameson was ...
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Can an adverb be a noun?

I have seen this post for the answer to my question, but this is not much help in case of the question I am going to ask. Here is an example sentence - The new design of Twitter profile is more ...
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How to use "The first thing I did was"? [closed]

I'm unable to figure out if the following sentence is correct: "After I watched the movie, the first thing I did was shutdown the laptop and go outside" Is this grammatically correct? Or should it ...
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"A and B both are" vs. "A and B are both" vs. "Both A and B are" vs. "Both of A and B are"?

A and B both are very good; A and B are both very good. Both A and B are very good. Both of A and B are very good. Are there subtle differences between the four sentences above?
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Not only.... but also

Is this sentence grammatically correct? He doesn't only like football but also likes tennis. and if it's wrong, why so? Specifically, is there any problem with omitting the subject in the ...
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Dropping the second "the" in sentences: the X and the Y vs. the X and Y

Is there any difference between these two examples? 1. (Both) the Senate and the House of Representatives are legislative bodies. 2. (Both) the Senate and House of Representatives are ...
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Meaning of "before" in this sign

In "US Sign and Safety" I came across the road sign shown in the image below. Can someone explain what part of speech the word "before" is? I'm asking because it seems that these two graphs are both ...
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