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"Looks really well" or "Looks really good"? [duplicate]

Which of the following sentences is correct? Could you use both? Why is this? "That dress looks really good!" "That dress looks really well!"
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Use of "good" and "well" [duplicate]

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Is "working good" correct in "The server is not working good"? Why? [duplicate]

Take the sentence The server is not working good. I think that working good is right here, but why is it right? Is good an adverb in this position?
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What can I use to remember the difference between "well" and "good"? [duplicate]

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Is "the song matches so good" grammatical? [duplicate]

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Which is more correct: well or good? within the context given: [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is the difference between “good” and “well” "I work equally well as part of a team or as an independent researcher." or "I work equally good as ...
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Is there a difference between "good" and "well" when they are connected to subject via linking verb? [duplicate]

John is feeling well. John is feeling good. "well" is an adverb and "good" is an adjective. Is #2 grammatically correct at all or is it ok to construct Subject + Linking Verb + Adjective ...
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Punch him good? [duplicate]

I some time ago saw some sentences, "Punch him good", "You punch really good". I assume, that good works as adverb and means well. Upon assuming, I got a question: How has the word good become to mean ...
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How to reply to someone's welcome [closed]

What should we say in reply to a person who welcomes us to a particular place, for example one says: You are welcome to ABC company. or I welcome you to our home. or Welcome Mr. Abc to ...
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Which is correct? "I do not feel good" or "I do not feel well" [closed]

I was reading through a few short stories when I realised that one of the stories had these two sentences:" I do not feel good" and "I do not feel well" I was quite puzzled and I would like to know if ...
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