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"How will history remember" vs "How history will remember"? [duplicate]

Context: there is a war going on. Actual use: A difficult winter is heading their way. But Jonas means to change all that. He finds himself wondering how will history remember this day. MS Word ...
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The Syntax of Question words coming in the middle of an interrogative sentence [duplicate]

Which one is correct? Does anybody know how can I create an account? Vs Does anybody know how I can create an account?
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Is the word order correct in "I'm not sure what is the right way" or is it only correct to say "I'm not sure what the right way is"?

I believe "I'm not sure what the right way is" is grammatically correct. Recently I've seen too many people writing it this way: I'm not sure what is the right way. Is it grammatically ...
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Question mark when ending sentence with "I wonder"?

I know that when a sentence begins with "I wonder" followed by a question, it is typically ended with a period. I wonder why that is. However, when "I wonder" is moved to the end of the sentence, ...
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Seeking to understand "why you are here" [closed]

Is this grammatically correct sentence or not? I have often heard people using that sentence. I know 'Why are you here?' is perfect but I think the one which I have mentioned above is correct only in ...
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Where does the verb go on this question? Is it even a reported question?

I understand that when I report a question, I put the subject back in front of the verb, as in: "He asked if she was going to be late." But I always get puzzled when it comes to reporting a question ...
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What the matter is vs. what is the matter used in the affirmative [duplicate]

I want to know what the matter is with her. I want to know what's the matter with her. I want to know what's her problem. Is "I want to know what's the matter with her" and 'what's the matter' ...
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Indirect "be" question; word order

Caveat: There are a great number of similar questions I have found, but none has explained this specific thing. If the answer does exist and I have overlooked it, please let me know. So, I was under ...
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Position of verb for object clause

Is the general word order of this sentence correct? We investigate how strong the effect of X on Y is. Or, as an alternative, We investigate how strong the effect of X is on Y. In a preprint ...
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Proper use of "what's"

I've seen people write a sentence like this: Example A: "I'm often asked what's the story behind my work." To me, it just seems that this reads rather poorly. I feel like it should be written as: ...
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"How do you call it" vs "How you call it" vs "How it's called", which way is correct?

I stumbled across the following in a conversation with a friend who is not a native English speaker. Considering the context, what is the correct way to phrase the second sentence? They said: I need ...
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Why is it that people have started to use an interrogative sentence form when not asking a question in American English?

I'm not sure if this is something recent, although I've been noticing it much more frequently now than say a couple of years ago. Many times people will make a statement, but will have it in an ...
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"How could I" and "how I could"? [closed]

Which one is correct? I don't know how could I help you. or I don't know how I could help you. Equivalently, I don't know how could you do this to me. or I don't know how you could do this to ...
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A correct way to place a verb in a "double" question

I'm not sure what the correct way for placing a verb in such cases is: "May I ask what Australia’s policy is regarding this scheme?" or should it be "May I ask what is Australia’s policy regarding ...
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What's the best way to write a reported question? [closed]

Which of the following is correct: People ask me, what is? or People ask me, what is
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