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Is the genderless pronoun "they" appropriate and grammatical for a non-binary gender? [duplicate]

I recently had somebody tell me that a mutual friend of ours who is genderqueer prefers that people refer to him/her using the gender-indefinite pronoun they. In some cases, this almost seems okay: ...
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What do you say when you don't know someone's gender? [duplicate]

For example, I want to refer to someone on the internet, but I don't know this person's gender. Which personal-pronoun do I use? (as article I mean he, she, it, etc)
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Do you use the masculine or feminine with "victim"? [duplicate]

My mother tongue is Latin-based so I'm used to differences in male/female for neutral words. I don't know how this would work with some words in English. If the "victim" in a sentence is neutral (ie: ...
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Is the singular "they" acceptable in formal writing? [duplicate]

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What is a proper gender-neutral form of himself or herself [duplicate]

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Why "themselves" instead of "himself" when referring to third-person singular? [duplicate]

I've read today a comment from a UK user that sounded weird to me: so the OP is shooting themselves in the foot here with the tone then. I would have said instead: so the OP is shooting himself ...
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What is the accepted stance on using "they" in a singular form? [duplicate]

Is it good English to say "They have just left", when talking about a single person (perhaps someone you don't know the gender of)? (I am a native English speaker, I'm looking for the view held by ...
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Is it correct to use "their" when referring to a single person when the gender is known? [duplicate]

I have come accross this sentence: There is a 2.5% probability that whenever we measure a woman, their height will be less than 142 centimeters. Is the use of their correct here? Shouldn't it be ...
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User: She, He, She or He, or They? [duplicate]

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Can a word "it" be used to refer to a person as well? [duplicate]

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When referring to "one", use "his" or "their"? [duplicate]

Is this grammatically correct? There is nothing like an animal attack video to remind one of their mortality.
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Is it better to use "one" or "he/she"? [duplicate]

What sounds better to a native/is more correct? I assume they all are correct, but still - what is the best way to say it? If one wants to do something, one should do it. If one wants to do something,...
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What's wrong with my use of "anyone" and "their" in this sentence? [duplicate]

For a paper that I have to write for school, I have the following sentence* that my teacher claims is incorrect. I am not sure what is incorrect about it, but it has something to do with my usage of ...
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I'm tired of writing out the phrase "himself or herself". What are my options? [duplicate]

Because of English's lack of a gender neutral third person singular possessive pronoun, whenever the need for such a referent presents itself in the course of writing, we seem to be left with ...
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