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Proper punctuation? [duplicate]

1) What looks better to you ? 2) What looks better to you? Many years ago, I found myself adding a space before exclamation points and question marks. I don't, however, put a space before a period. ...
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Why add extra space between a word and punctuation (e.g. a period, question mark, etc.)? [duplicate]

I was just wondering this because of noticing a lot of people I've worked with typed this way. Examples: Okay, that's great . Thanks, Stephanie . Was there anything else ? I was wondering if ...
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should there be space between a sentence and question mark or not? [duplicate]

while asking questions in the sentence do we need to give space between question mark (?) and the sentence. what is your name? what is your name ? which one is correct?
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Spaces around a colon

In a recent test, I fixed a feature and I was given the document back because it was pointed out the following was not correct. Name: Sandy Corporation I was asked to do this Name : Sandy ...
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Any authoritative source on British rules on space before question mark?

Is it ever correct to have a space before a question or exclamation mark? is affirming what I always use, but now some translators I know said that I always need a space before. I am sure they are ...
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is "Where are you going to?" correct

— Where are you going? — I'm going to Paris. vs. — Where are you going to? — I'm going to Paris. I'm pretty sure the first one is correct, but what about the second?
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Spaces for Ellipses [duplicate]

I find some opinions about the rules for ellipses are conflicting. Here are some conflicting issues: Q1: Are the spaces between the dots in a ellipsis necessary, i.e. dot-space-dot-space-dot? (Yes.) ...
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Is "any" also used with plurals?

I found on a research paper the following statement: Is any particular images satisfying the requirements ? I thought any can only be used with singular terms. So I was surprised when I've seen "...
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Why do some users from India make these particular punctuation and capitalization errors? [closed]

Many users from India are now using the Stack Exchange sites and I see a common set of errors: Spaces before punctuation: *where is this going ? No space at all around punctuation *This is one ...
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Space before three dots? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is the proper way of using triple dots and spaces before/after them? Should there be a space before three dots? Examples: I don't know if this is good... I don't know if ...
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Proper punctuation for parentheses [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is there any rule for the placement of space after and before parenthesis? Should you put a space in between the outside of parentheses and punctuation?
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Using "to" instead of "and"

I read the following sentence in an essay: The number of visitors to France is approximately between 8 and 10 million each year. Can I replace "and" with "to", as follows: The ...
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