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What possessive forms are used for mutual 1st person ownership? [duplicate]

I want to talk to someone about the house that my wife and I own. Saying, for example, "My wife's and my house is awesome," sounds a bit funny to me. What's the best way to express this? ...
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How do you make the possessive form with "He and I"-style subjects? [duplicate]

Despite being a native speaker of American English, I cannot find a construction that sounds natural when trying to form a possessive from coordinated subjects including a first person pronoun, like &...
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"Me and Joey's" or "mine and Joey's" [duplicate]

Which of the following should I use? Today is me and Joey's anniversary Today is mine and Joey's anniversary
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What is the proper way to say possesive with "person X" and self? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: My wife and I's seafood collaboration dinner I've never known what the proper way to use a sentence in which you and a specific person (as in you can't just say "our" ...
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Compound possessives and yours [duplicate]

which is correct: Thank you for your and your team's time or Thank you for yours and your team's time and should (or does it make a difference if) I place commas before and after "and your team's" ...
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Grammar: Should the sentence say, "my sister or I" or "my sister or me"? [duplicate]

I read the following sentence, "My mother won't put up with my sister or I swearing." My question is, should the sentence say, "my sister or I" or "my sister or me"?
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"The queen of England's crown" or "The queen's of England crown"? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: “My wife and I’s seafood collaboration dinner” What is the correct way of these two sentences? The queen of England's crown The queen's of England crown Strictly ...
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How to use the possessive form when referring to someone else and yourself? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is “my wife and I's” correct, or should it be “my wife's and my”? How to use the possessive form when referring to someone else and yourself? For example, how could this awkward ...
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What is the grammatically correct way to frame this sentence? [duplicate]

I saw this sentence online and it has been bothering me: "Tomorrow is me and my girlfriend's anniversary." I immediately had an aversion to this sentence after reading it but then I quickly had an ...
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If I am saying "Someone and Myself's (possession)", what would the correct usage in this phrase be? [duplicate]

I was just wondering how to properly use the phrase, I am trying to talk about something that belongs to both my friend and myself so how would I say that? My friend and myself's? or a different way?
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My Boyfriend and I's favorite song... How would you phrase this? [duplicate]

I was always taught that if you want to make sure that the possessive pronouns are correct when referring to more than one person, you should try to say the sentence alone and use that pronoun. My ...
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Her and her husband proper grammar [duplicate]

I am editing the following sentence, and having an issue with identifying the proper pronoun. “Her and her husband’s journeys and careers have allowed them to travel extensively.” I know the rule ...
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"Each and every one of you's opinions" [duplicate]

Suppose a group of friends are having a discussion and the turn comes to one of the friends who says the below sentence. "I respect each and every one of you's opinions" Is this sentence ...
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My wife and my, or I? [duplicate]

I understand that one should use me or I the same as they would with out the other person in the sentence. My questions is however, is the sentence "they fixed my wife and I's car" correct? My wife ...
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My and my brother's education... ? [duplicate]

I am not convinced with this sentence somehow. " My Dad focused on my and my brother's education" It doesn't sound right to me. How can I write it in a better way?
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