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Is it normal to separate hyphenated words on different lines? [duplicate]

I'm typing in Microsoft Word, and it automatically separated the word T-shirt when it ran out of room: blah blah blah, Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, I have a T- shirt leaving just the letter "T" ...
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Breaking last word in the lines [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What are the rules for splitting words at the end of a line? In printed texts, especially those with narrow columns, it's necessary from time to time to divide the last word ...
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Dividing Verbs Ending In -ING [duplicate]

I've been writing some stuff to my English classes, and in between them, I found myself with a question. There are a lot of ways to divide a word, meaning for example at the end of the sentence - when ...
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Rule of thumb for hyphenation when justifying text? [duplicate]

I have typeset a text that is justified and thus requires hyphenation to maintain the column width appropriately. I was wondering if there is a rule of thumb for how words should be hyphenated? The ...
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If you must split the word anonymous at the end of a line, where should the hyphen go? [duplicate]

If you must split the word anonymous at the end of a text line, where should the hyphen go? How would you split the word?
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Why is ‘prejudice’ syllabified as Prej-u-dice?

While reading a book, I noticed prejudice was hyphenated to the next line in the following form: prej-udice. As I found it quite strange, I searched online for its syllables and apparently it had its ...
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What are the syllables in "photography"? [closed]

How come every website I could find is saying that syllables in "photography" are pho-tog-ra-phy? Shouldn't it be pho-to-gra-phy? Where did that "tog" come from?
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How to "hyphenate" the word "standardize"?

I don't really know if the term "hyphenate" is the correct here, I use it because of my LaTeX usage. What I mean (and if there is a word for this, please let me know) is: how to break "standardize" ...
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Hyphenation (end-of-line division) of "Germany" and some other common words

I am currently trying to build a database of English words and their hyphenations (end-of-line divisions) (en-US, if it matters), and thereby have come across some words which I have found ...
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How to hyphenate "Churchill"?

How should "Churchill" be hyphenated when it breaks across two lines? Chu-rchill, Chur-chill, Churc-hill, or Church-ill?
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Hypenating in the middle of a person's name [closed]

The editor or a Club bulletin split's a person's name if it comes at the end of the line in an article. I do not believe this is grammatically correct, but I cannot find a ruling in writing to ...
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Question on hyphenated words

My niece and I do the layout and editing for books. Lately, she has started letting her program hyphenate words at the ends of sentences to avoid the rivers of white you see otherwise. This has ...
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I am learning how to divide syllables. I have to divide hap-py because there are two of the same consonant. Why are the two s letters in the word professor not divided? Doesn't the same rule apply ...
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Is there any special rule concerning a line break in a word or phrase that is already hyphenated?

For example, I might write "What time is Shu-chan coming by?" where -chan is a Japanese honorific. When broken into two lines, would it be "By what time is Shu- chan expected to arrive?" or "...
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Rules for hyphens in words and phrases

What are general rules for when hyphens are used in words such as "bad-ass" or "well-deserved". Could someone explain what kinds of words/phrases those are?
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