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Word to describe 'frak' [duplicate]

Many (particularly sci-fi) shows or books invent words to replace real words, for example 'frak' in Battlestar Galactica replaces the 'F' word to get through censorship. Is there a word to describe a ...
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Is there a word for swear word substitutes? [duplicate]

Is there a specific name for swear word alternatives? I know about synonyms, but was wondering if there is a specific word to describe when a substitute is created for a swear word (e.g. "dang" or "...
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Term for a more polite word used in place of a vulgar word [duplicate]

What is the term for a polite word or phrase that is used in place of a vulgar word or phrase? "Prostitute" is a _____ for "hooker"
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What is a term describing offensive word replacement with made-up slang? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What term describes a non-offensive substitute for a swear word? Is there a term for replacing one slang word with another made-up slang word? For example f*cking => fricking,...
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What is the name of a word like "shite"?

Whilst watching the 3rd Test match between England and Australia, from Edgbaston, this week, the Barmy Army of England fans were singing as ever (the Australians are not terrace-singers in quite the ...
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Word for describing in a positive sense

What is a word that means to say in a positive sense? For instance, when writers say that a person was sexually assaulted instead of saying raped. Or people use let go instead of fired. What is that ...
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What does the expression "for crying out loud" mean? [closed]

What does the expression "for crying out loud" mean and where does it come from?
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What is the origin of "oh noodles!"

Noodles are tasty. I like them, but why are they also used as an exclamation of dismay in the following? Oh Noodles!
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Where does the phrase "flag it" come from [closed]

Where does the phrase flag it come from, as in Oh, flag it, it's not working, I'm going to bed.
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Oh fudge knuckle!

What does this expression mean? I heard it in a video where the person said something like This sounds right, but in fact, son of a gun, or as my younger son would say, fudge knuckle, it goes ...
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Origin of “Fish” as an exclamation or mild oath

One of the characters in Bojack Horseman would often say “fish” as an exclamation or mild oath (mary, mr. Shakespeare). I just thought this was a peculiarity of the show, but I heard another usage ...
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