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Word for content that sounds useful but is devoid of value [duplicate]

I'm looking for a word or expression that describes a text, a presentation, or a speech that sounds meaningful and attractive, but in fact, it is devoid of any real value and does not lead the reader ...
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Need adjective to describe certain kind of speech or communication [duplicate]

I've been looking everywhere for a word to characterize speech in a business setting e.g. ny management or HR, where it is filled with buzzwords, circular logic, and devoid of real substance. In ...
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What is the name of the tactic that politicians use to bury people with torrent of words?

Some people write bloated books and long essays with skilful use of hooks, e.g. Jared Diamond; some others speak in long-drawn sentences with torrents of words, e.g. Noam Chomsky. It reminds me of a ...
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Word for a person who talks without content

What is a word for a person who reiterates without adding any new content? (This person is not necessarily talkative per se.) Example of a conversation by such a person would be: "You know if we do ...
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Word to describe "when someone describes something in too much detail"

There's a word I thought I knew at some point, but can no longer remember what it was. I tried looking up various thesaurus websites to no avail. Similar words to what I'm looking for, but not quite: ...
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Opposite of "straight talk"

What is the opposite for the straight talk idiom? How do I best call the activity when someone makes a very long preamble before he says what he wants?
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Suggestion for someone who talks a lot but says little [duplicate]

I know many politicians that avoid interview questions by talking a lot but not really communicating anything. You could say that what they were saying was full of banalities or canned answers or ...
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Speaking for the sake of saying something

Is there a word or phrase that describes the act of saying something for the sake of it?
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Is there a word similar to “verbatim” but means "too many meaningless words used"? [duplicate]

Is there a word similar to verbatim but means "Too many meaningless words used"? I am looking for a word which describes the statement is meaningless with too many words.
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Looking for a word that describes a text as ‘having too much useless information’ [duplicate]

The word should be applicable to a text with too much useless information. Preferably, the term is used in everyday speech, but I wouldn't object against somewhat grandiloquent words. Since I’m ...
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What is the word that means conversation where no important information is conveyed? [closed]

I believe there is also a computing or physics theory that contains this word. (i.e. "Something Theory") It's definitely at least two syllables long and I'm pretty sure there's at least one 'b' ...
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Is there an English equivalent to this French idiom : "Brasser du vent"? [closed]

This idiom means "Talking a lot without significant results". I was wondering if there was a specific idiom to say this. So far, I have found nothing but "hot air merchant".
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Word that describes when someone repeats the same information, rambling on and beats around the bush [duplicate]

Having to sit through a 20 min video to get information which could be put a 5 min video.
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