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How should a multiple-word noun be punctuated within a compound adjective? [duplicate]

I would like to use a noun made of multiple words (like particle board, Mount Everest, or windscreen wiper) in a compound adjective with a hyphen. But I don't know how to hyphenate such a composition....
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Multiple compound words [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to connect a word and a phrase with a dash? Hello, I'm a non-native English speaker and I'm writing a scientific paper about biometric identification based on heart sounds....
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"Hardware-counter-based tools" or "hardware-counter based tools"? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Chainsaw-equipped or chainsaw equipped? How to connect a word and a phrase with a hyphen? "One-Day Only Promotion" or "One-Day-Only Promotion" Which is ...
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Correct use of hyphenation with multi-word noun and adjective [duplicate]

I am not a native English speaker and was wondering how to properly combine the noun "password policy" and the adjective "based". So for "policy", I would write "policy-based", but how about "...
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Proper use of hyphens for compound noun 'system model driven approach' [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: How to connect a word and a phrase with a dash? Multiple compound words Should I use “ related” or “-related” I'm aware of the general rules for ...
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Hyphenating multi-word phrases [duplicate]

I'm trying to figure out whether or not to hyphenate a new medical-related phrase, "post birth control syndrome." I know Post-traumatic Stress Disorder is hyphenated, but that seems to make sense ...
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Compounds involving compounds [duplicate]

Consider the following use of a hyphen: There are many bear-like animals. Now, how does the hyphenation change if "bear" is replaced by "grizzly bear"? Which of the following ...
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What is the correct hyphenation of the sequence: "diffusion time dependent"? [duplicate]

The sentence in which I use it similar to the following: From this, it is possible to define a diffusion-time-dependent dimension. I am not sure if the double hyphenation is correct or not, but I ...
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How do you hyphenate compounds that already have hyphens? [duplicate]

For example, if something happened in the pre-Christian era, is it a pre-Christian-era event, or pre-Christian era event To give another example -- we say "low-sodium diets", but would you say that ...
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How do you write ten-person apartments? Ten-persons-apartment or? [duplicate]

How do you write ten-person apartments? Ten-persons-apartment or ? Thank you for your answer.
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Compound Modifiers and Hyphens [duplicate]

Would you say "case-study-rich presentation" or "case study-rich presentation"?
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A compound adjective with a double noun: where does the hyphen go? [duplicate]

I have a noun that consists of two words ("impact parameter") that I am trying to turn into a compound adjective to describe a certain type of collision ("high impact parameter collision"). Where, if ...
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non-administrator-level-user privileges or non-administrator level-user privileges? [duplicate]

Please consider the two examples below. Which, technically, without rephrasing, is the correct choice? non-administrator-level-user privileges [Here the four-word compound adjective modifies "...
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Long-term or Long Term? [duplicate]

I'm creating signage for "Long-term Ventilation Unit" and am keeping it as how I just wrote it. But when Googling, I became slightly confused on whether it is "Long Term Ventilation ...
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Game-development-oriented or game development-oriented? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to connect a word and a phrase with a hyphen? “Hardware-counter-based tools” or “hardware-counter based tools”? As the title states, which is the correct hyphenation of ...
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