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Is using "she" when the gender is unknown ungrammatical? [duplicate]

I often come across the use of "she" not as an gender neutral pronoun as such but as the pronoun of choice when the gender is unknown. This is particularly common in scientific/technical documents but ...
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She/he to refer a user [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Reason for the current trend to use «she» as the gender-neutral pronoun? Can the feminine pronouns be gender-neutral? Is there a correct gender-neutral, singular ...
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Given “a player” as antecedent, when should the pronoun be “he” or “she”? [duplicate]

I am learning game theory. I always see that professors write (in text books): a player chooses her strategy If she chooses a strategy Also some professors use he instead of she. There other names ...
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Correct pronoun for "baby" [duplicate]

Stumbled along the use of the feminine pronoun for "baby". Previously, I've used it and singular they when the sex of the baby is unknown. Is it correct to use the feminine pronoun (she) for "baby" ...
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Referring to unknown gender as “she” [duplicate]

In what cases is it appropriate to refer to unknown gender as she?
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Pronoun referring to noun [duplicate]

In an article that gives general work advice, I've seen the following sentence Don’t take your complaint to your boss when she’s running between meetings ... There is no context that states the ...
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Usage of "she" instead of "he" for inclusiveness [duplicate]

Ten to five years ago I was reading MSDN Magazine, and in a few articles I stumbled upon sentences like "The user should... She needs to...", with "she" referring to the user. ...
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Is there a correct gender-neutral singular pronoun ("his" vs. "her" vs. "their")?

Is there a pronoun I can use as a gender-neutral pronoun when referring back to a singular noun phrase? Each student should save his questions until the end. Each student should save her questions ...
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Is using "he" for a gender-neutral third-person correct? [closed]

I know there are different opinions on this issue. My question: Is using "he" for a general, gender-neutral third person still in common use for formal writing? By common use I mean, can I expect my ...
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Do you use the masculine or feminine with "victim"? [duplicate]

My mother tongue is Latin-based so I'm used to differences in male/female for neutral words. I don't know how this would work with some words in English. If the "victim" in a sentence is neutral (ie: ...
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why do we say "she" referring to a general user of a program [closed]

I often hear people say "she" when they refer to a user of their application, for example. In documentation, or in email. Why do we say "she", why not "he or she" or "they"? I am not a native speaker, ...
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Do any style guides advocate the alternating use of "he" and "she" as a gender-neutral pronoun?

I don't like the options that are usually given in the "gender-neutral pronoun" debate. The singular they offends my prescriptivist sensibilities. His/her constructions are clunky and look terrible. ...
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Default gender for pronouns [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is using “he” for a gender-neutral third-person correct? I’m sure this is a duplicate, but I've heard that when the gender is unknown you are to use he instead of he or she. ...
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Why are "player", "researcher" and "designer" referred to by a feminine gender specific pronoun? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can the feminine pronouns be gender-neutral? Reason for the current trend to use "she" as the gender-neutral pronoun? In a lot of academic literature that I'm reading for ...
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Does the concept of a generic masculine exist in the English Language? [closed]

In the German language, there is a grammatical rule that is called Generisches Maskulinum (English: generic masculine). It says that when you want to address a group that consists of people of both ...
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