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Two octopi? What's the proper plural? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Octopuses, octopi, or octo? What is the "proper" plural of "octopus"? A web search turns up three candidates, but is there a "right" answer?
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Plural form of Octopus and Radius [duplicate]

I have recently found this video online from Merriam Webster saying the plural form of octopus is in fact octopuses. The video explains how octopus comes from the Greek language and thus it would be ...
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What are the plural forms of the words "octopus" and "platypus"? [duplicate]

I've seen "octopuses" and "platypuses", respectively, but I've also seen "octopi" and"platypi". Which is correct, and why?
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Once and for all: What's the plural form of "Octopus"? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: “Octopuses”, “octopi”, or “octo”? I've heard octopi, octopuses, octopodes, octopoids, and every time someone uses any of those, all people ...
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Is the plural of 'prefix' really 'prefixes' rather than 'prefices'?

It looks like the plural of 'prefix' is 'prefixes' - while I would expect it to be 'prefix' => 'prefices' like 'matrix' => 'matrices' or 'index' => 'indices'. Is 'prefix' an exception to the rule? ...
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Is "inauthentic" inauthentic?

"Inauthentic" is more commonly used than "unauthentic", at least these days, but they are both valid. Several sources (World Wide Words for example) suggest what prefix the ...
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Is the plural of 'lettuce' 'lettuces'?

As a non-native English speaker, I have a bit of trouble finding the plural of the word 'lettuce'. In my own language (Dutch) it doesn't have a plural at all, and 'lettuces' simply sounds funny to me. ...
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Is there a plural of "metropolis", not "metropolises", that would sound better in a less formal register?

I am aware that the plural of metropolis is metropolises, but to me it sounds stilted and to be honest I cannot recall ever hearing it used. Is there an irregular plural of metropolis that would be ...
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"The die were cast."

The idiom "the die is cast" is well known. The simple past tense version of this in the indicative mood should be, "the die was cast." In the novel, The Godless, by Ben Peek, I came across the ...
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What is the correct plural of "mantis"?

This question is related to the plural of "octopus" (yet another ancient Greek loanword animal): What is the plural of "mantis"? Oxford Dictionaries suggests "mantis" or "mantises". Merriam ...
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Why is the plural form of piano "pianos" and not "pianoes"?

The rule says that if a singular noun ends in consonant + "o" then the plural form will be consonant + "oes". e.g. tomato => tomatoes. Then, why this rule does not apply to piano?
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How to pronounce "Ephemerides"?

I've always pronounced "Ephemerides" (plural of Ephemeris) using four syllables, the fourth being "Ides" as in the "Ides of March". But in this talk1 at a few seconds ...
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Plural of Ethos [closed]

What is the plural form of ethos? I have always thought it was "ethoi," but I'm not sure.
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Word for nouns with multiple plural forms

Some nouns have multiple plurals, this article from Merriam Webster names a few. I'm wondering if there is a word to describe this, a word meaning having multiple plural forms. To put it in a sentence ...
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When does a plural end in 'es' instead of 'i'? [duplicate]

Take, for example, 'ignoramuses' instead of 'ignoramae', or 'cacti' over 'cactuses'? In which cases does the plural end in 'es' instead of 'ae'? Can it be either one for any given case? Why?
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