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Plurals of quotations: “Chorus of ‘Hello’s”; “Ooh”s & “Ah”s [duplicate]

Is there a way to pluralize a quotation? E.g., He was greeted with a chorus of “Hello”s. or Her daring earned “Ooh”s & “Ahh”s from around the room. With actual dictionary words (“Hello” in ...
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The plural form for letter grades [duplicate]

I'm writing a formal legal memo and could not find any explicit form of writing a plural letter grade (as in the example below). Timmy made one C. His other grades were all As and Bs. (A's and B's?)
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correctly dotting the "i"s and crossing the "t"s in the expression "dotting the i's and crossing the t's" [duplicate]

I've found questions here at ELU related to the meaning of the expression (I'm clear on that), but this is about the best way to punctuate the expression in the title. Possibilities: a. It's almost ...
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Are there many 0-s, 0's or 0s? [duplicate]

Suppose I want to say that the (base 10) representation of a million contains 6 zeros, but for whatever reason, I want to use the symbol 0 rather than the word. Is there any rule on how to attach the "...
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"Hail Mary", "Glory Be" in the plural [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is the proper way to write the plural of a single letter? (another apostrophe question) In the rosary, a Catholic sacramental composed of prayer beads, there is a short ...
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How should one talk about multiple Greek letters in text? [duplicate]

I'm writing an academic paper in economics, and I'm using several different instantiations (I guess) of the Greek letter mu in several different mathematical equations. If I want to refer to all of ...
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What is the Function of Apostrophes in this Idiom? [duplicate]

The idiom 'Cross your Ts and dot your Is' is often written with apostrophes as though they were in the possessive forms: Cross your T's and dot your I's It's ubiquitous online, even on dictionary ...
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the plural of the name of the letter e is ees [duplicate]

According to the wikipedia article of letter e The plural of the name of the letter e is ees (the plural of the letter itself is rendered E's, Es, e's, es). Therefore, is ees then a regular ...
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Plural of A: As vs A's [duplicate]

If I want to say that I excelled all my class this summer, I might say "I got all As this summer". Is this correct vs using "A's"? I see the latter used everywhere. But with the presence of apostrophe ...
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Proper apostrophe usage? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is the proper way to write the plural of a single letter? (another apostrophe question) Plurals of acronyms, letters, numbers — use an apostrophe or not? Take for ...
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spelling: αs or α-s, when referring to alphas as in more than one alpha? [duplicate]

When referring the more than one alpha, is the correct spelling αs or α-s?
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How should I pluralize letters? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is the proper way to write the plural of a single letter? (another apostrophe question) Sometimes, it becomes necessary to refer to, for instance, the instances of the ...
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What is the correct way to pluralize an acronym / initialism?

For example, if I wanted to write the equivalent of There are many automated teller machines in this city. Would it be There are many ATMs in this city. or There are many ATM's in this city. (...
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What is the plural of "BlackBerry" (as in the handheld device)

Is the plural of "BlackBerry", BlackBerries or BlackBerrys? I am asking, because I'm altering the underlying brand name to look more like the food and less like the product, leaving the reader to ...
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Does the Oakland Athletics logo misuse the apostrophe?

For years I have thought the Oakland Athletics baseball team has misused the apostrophe. I've always thought the "A" is an abbreviation for "Athletic" and the "s" makes "Athletic" plural. Is my ...
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