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Is Valley Girl speak "like", entering the language?

So like, I had this teacher? And he's like, "You're late?" And I'm like, "There's like other people late too?" I've always cringed at the word "like" strewn about in a ...
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Sentences beginning with "so"?

This also came up on either a BBC or CBC science program, but not as a linguistically-oriented discussion. Over the last two or three years I've noticed a lot more people starting a sentence with "so"...
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Starting an independent statement with "I mean, ..."

A friend was noting that his daughter would occasionally start sentences with the phrase "I mean, " simply for emphasis, not for clarification: Friend: How was the Miley Cyrus concert? ...
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Why do like loads of girls my age like saying "like" so much, like? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is Valley Girl speak like entering the language? Please can you explain the origins of where the annoying over-use of the word "like" came from? Does this have anything to do ...
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Is this usage of "lol" considered a hedge?

In doing some research on another question I bumped into the term "hedge": A hedge is a mitigating device used to lessen the impact of an utterance. Typically, they are adjectives or ...
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Is it bad behavior to add filler words such as "so", "um" in business speak?

Sometimes when I speak with my fellows at work, I start my sentences with "so" or "um". I don't know if this a bad behavior in business speak or not? If so, how can I get rid of those filler words?
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"Well" as an introduction to an argument

Say a child says: I want some ice cream! The parent's response is: Well, you can't have ice cream right now, we need to have dinner first. Why is the word "well" used as a conversational ...
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How should one use “awesome” today? [closed]

Lately I have been hearing the word awesome used in many places. I'm trying to figure out how it is used. It has already been discussed on this site a bit. See "When I'm sad, I stop being ...
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What do you call superfluous filler words like 'So' 'Anyhow' 'Anyway'?

Examples: Anyway, after that I went home and went to sleep. Anyhow, do you want to go for a drink? So then, I was chatting to this girl and... Now, Bob was a nice guy, but socially inept. Her cooking ...
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What is the purpose of "just" as a hedging expression?

In sentences such as: If someone calls you, could you just.. Could you just help me.. Is the just acting as a hedging expression used to reduce the force of the interrogative sentence?
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