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The reasoning behind omitting "the" in "I'm (the) president of the United States." [duplicate]

I understand you can say either I'm president of the United States. or I'm the president of the United States. I also know of a rule that you may omit "the" in front of a title, position, etc. ...
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Where to use "the" [duplicate]

Which sentence is correct? are we meeting before the class or are we meeting before class
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A question on the usage of the definite article "THE" [duplicate]

A question on the usage of the definite article "THE" The sentence below comes from Word Smart II: How to Build a More Educated Vocabulary. Federal law requires manufacturers to demonstrate both ...
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Is "iPhone is king" grammatically correct? [duplicate]

"iPhone is king" I am referring here to the article being missed. As far as I know that when a noun is used in a singular form, then we should add an article a/an for the first time, if the ...
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Why there is no article before "heire"? [duplicate]

The following passage is from All's Well That Ends Well: Shee is young, wise, faire, In these, to Nature shee's immediate heire: And these breed honour: According to the research I did on Cambridge ...
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Receiving money 'as agent' or 'as an agent' and other similar cases [duplicate]

So I've actually come across this kind of sentences quite a lot, when we're describing the capacity in which the subject does something. For example, sometimes we say: The vendor's solicitors will ...
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Is there a reason the British omit the article when they "go to hospital"?

Why do British speakers omit the article in constructions like "go to hospital" or "go on holiday"? Pretty much all American speakers would rephrase those as "go to the ...
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Why there is no article before words like queen and king? [duplicate]

Why in the following sentences we omit articles (I'm basing on what I've heard in Game of Thrones - episode 1, season 5): You will be queen! You will be king one day! I would say "a king" and "a ...
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Omission of "the" in "elected him president" and "made captain"

Why is there no the before president and captain? They elected him president. She was made captain of the team.
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Is the word 'the' unnecessary in the English language?

Measuring the frequency of words in almost every English book or document (which is long enough) ends up ranking the word 'the' as the most used word. Is there any solid function the word 'the' plays ...
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Is there an idiom or saying for an act that on the surface appears extending the olive branch but in reality it means to abscond responsibility

A couple of us have been trying figure this out. Two parties have a conflict in a form of a proven betrayal that has come to an impasse so both remained conflicted. Then one party extends what ...
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"...[b]etween rich and poor" and "...[b]etween the rich and the poor"

My colleague and I were discussing a student's paper. We agreed that according to our experiences and knowledge of English, the following sentence is grammatically correct: "The difference ...
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Is it necessary to add "a" before the noun in this sentence?

Consider the sentence fragment: Business Development Representative, I would... If Business Development Representative describes a role occupied by a single person (for example, "as ...
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Professor, countable or uncountable? [duplicate]

According to my Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, the word "Professor" is a countable noun. However, one of its examples reads: professor a teacher in a college or university. In Britain, a ...
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When do we not use definite article, "the"? [duplicate]

I have a question. Could you please explain why “the” is not used in the parts that I have indicated in bold? Why is "the" missing? Little is known about the lives of early human beings. What we do ...
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