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Why so many words in English are pronounced different from their spelling? [duplicate]

As a non native English speaker, I am astonished at the amount of English word pronounced different from their spelling. For instance, 'Would' is pronounced like 'Wood', 'Whole' is pronounced like &...
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"bus" and "cut" pronounciations? [duplicate]

So there are words that use "bus" but where this group of letters is pronounced differently: busy - "bizzy" bus/bust - "bas/bast" Case 2: Similarly with "cut" ...
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Reason for ambiguous pronunciation [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why do written English vowels differ from other Latin-based orthographies? I noticed that in English some words that have the same letters (except for the first), have a different ...
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Why does "ow" have two different sounds

Why is it that the "ow" in now makes the /aʊ/ sound while "ow" in snow makes the /oʊ/ sound? Has this always been, was it spelled differently and then changed, or was it spelled this way but the sound ...
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Why is "blood" pronounced the way it is?

I mean, why isn't it pronounced "blue-d" rather than "blud". And this applies to "flood" too, but not "glood" or "clood" I imagine.
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Sounds of the letter a

How can I know, precisely, when to differentiate the sounds of the letter a, like in: apple and vault?
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Why are the words "lose" and "choose" written differently and pronounced the same way?

I do know that there isn't only one pronunciation for syllables, and I also know that there isn't only one way to write a phoneme, but this intrigues me a lot. Lose is spelled with only one O, and it'...
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Why is "door" pronounced with an "o" sound and not a "u"?

Why is door pronounced as in 'o' not as in 'u' ?
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/u/ and /uː/ in pronunciation

What is the regularity of appearance of /uː/ and /u/ (or /ʊ/ in RP)? How can I be most sure deducing from spelling alone, that, say, "ooze" is pronounced /uːz/ and "wool" as /wul/? I know that English ...
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Pronunciation of Edinburgh

Why is the Scottish capital Edinburgh pronounced as Edinbruh? It is not clear to me why the letter "u" is silent, so that the "b" is followed directly by the "r". Then a ...
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Words that result from a gradual distortion of other words

Among others, I've heard the following words and their supposed origins: Beef: Comes from the french word "boeuf". Marmelade: Contraction of "Mary" and "malade" according to some story about a doctor ...
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