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Singular they - How old are/is they? [duplicate]

I was wondering, because I couldn’t find that information anywhere, which version would be correct. Let’s suppose somebody is telling me about :-) their :-) friend. I don’t know anything about the ...
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Is "they" plural or singular when it's someone's preferred pronoun? [duplicate]

Andy's preferred pronoun is "they". They goes to school in Denver, where they studies philosophy. or Andy's preferred pronoun is "they". They go to school in Denver, where they study philosophy. ...
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Verb conjugation for singular they [duplicate]

Ostensibly, verb conjugation is plural vs singular: "The apple is big." vs "The apples are big." But that doesn't match up with the centuries-old singular they. "They is nice.&...
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Have vs. Has in third person of unknown gender? [duplicate]

Let's take the sentence "Have they entered their password?", where we use "they" meaning "he/she", a third person of any or unknown gender. If we replace the pronoun "they" with a more specific noun, ...
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Concord with gender-neutral "they" [duplicate]

I was wondering what the general take is on concord with they as a gender-neutral 3rd person singular pronoun. I assume there are no hard and fast rules here yet, seeing that this is a fairly new ...
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Does grammar become tricky when ‘she is’ becomes ‘they is/are’? [duplicate]

Hilary Mantel said recently that she had been ‘misgendered’ in a university publication by being referred to as ‘they’, not ‘she’. She says she was not singled out; all other alumni were similarly ...
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Usage of they/them as a pronoun in confusing sentences [duplicate]

Pronouns are an integral part of the english language. However, they can also cause confusion and problems within communication, especially in the modern era, as some people choose to use ...
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Do we use verb + s/es after singular they? [duplicate]

I am not an American. I think it is in America where they invented the idea of singular they. You don't know the gender of someone, you refer to him/her as they. I am thinking if I should use the verb ...
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"They is" or "They are" [duplicate]

As a non-native speaker I try to get myself to accept they as gender-neutral third person singular as this is new to me. To achieve this I would like to have a better understanding on the usage and ...
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"Is" followed by a plural noun [duplicate]

I just heard someone say "The noisiest thing outside is the birds". I understand the use of "is" being preceded by the singular "thing". But, the plural "birds" ...
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How (in what number) do I use verbs with the single-person gender-neutral "they"? [duplicate]

A transgender colleague requires being referred to as "they" and not "he /she" In what number do I use verbs with this pronoun when it refers to a single person: they is/ are(?) ...
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A Question About Quantifier Shift for "each of you" to "you each"

I understand from reading similar posts on this topic that if I want to write a sentence using "each of you," I should follow this with a singular verb. So, for example, "Each of you has given your ...
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Why is "be" the only English verb that inflects for grammatical person, not just for grammatical number like all the rest of them?

Why do we say “I am a teacher” instead of “I is a teacher” considering that I is a singular pronoun not a plural pronoun? Don’t singulars always take -s forms? Why does be work differently?
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How to resolve mixing singular and plural on the same noun

Let's look at this sentence. China has as much claim to North Korea as they have over Tibet. That is, if they do decide to invade and occupy North Korea. Question You do agree this passage is ...
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Does “me” take singular verb form?

I have seen a meme which confuses me: "At 18: Others: have partners, do drugs etc. Me: watches tv and sleeps Is this grammatically correct and does "me" take singular verb form? I ...
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