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Hospital versus *the* hospital [duplicate]

One oddity in the difference between UK and American usage is that Americans say "I went to the hospital" but British people say "I went to hospital". Is there an explanation for this grammatical ...
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Take to hospital or take to the hospital? [duplicate]

Which is correct: He was taken to hospital? He was taken to the hospital?
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I am a student of functional English. My teacher told me to search a difference between two sentences that have almost same structure except the article "THE". And because of this article the meaning ...
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"to school" versus "to garage" [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is there a reason the British omit the article when they “go to hospital”? Why is "I am going to town" or "I am going to school" acceptable but "I am going to ...
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Where are you going? [duplicate]

I am going to school. I am going to the school. I'm going to my school. Clearly, number 2 is grammatically wrong but has its exceptions. What are they? Also, students would number one. Do teachers ...
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AE vs British English usage of hospital [duplicate]

We all know that Americans say: Sara is going to the hospital While in the UK, they would say (and Americans would never say): Sara is going to hospital I'm wondering what the history of this ...
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Go + to + noun phrase [duplicate]

Does the construct "Go + to + noun phrase" always express going somewhere, a specific physical location? For example: Go to school Go to the movies Go to the nearest store They went to Paris We will ...
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Use of an ARTICLE [duplicate]

Americans tend to insert an Article as in "going to the hospital" while the English do not eg. "going to hospital". Is there a language Rule involved or is this simply a dialect difference?
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The use of the word "the" with certain nouns [duplicate]

Specifically, British people go "to hospital", while American English speakers say "to THE hospital". We say, "go to school", so why not "got to hospital"?
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What's the general rule for dropping articles in article & section titles or in figure & table captions?

It is said that "To give added punch, articles are often dropped in the titles of books, movies, music, and other works of art" and "To save space and boost impact, articles are usually ...
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Why is "the" dropped in "I go to school by bus"?

Why is the dropped in "I go to school by bus"? Why isn't it "I go to the school by the bus" if both school and bus are countable? Does the rule that a countable noun must have an article have an ...
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Use of the definite article "the" before "church"

I was in a Teacher's selection for a school in my country, and one of the coordinators said that she heard a mistake from another teacher that was unacceptable. I tried to figure out why was that, but ...
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How do American dialects differ?

I grew up in a very homogenous suburb, and was quite shocked when I moved to Philadelphia for college and started hearing how many different dialects exist even within one city. My untrained ear could ...
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Why do people sometimes omit the definite article where it seems sensible to include it?

I'm used to always hearing or seeing a definite article before certain nouns. Yet on certain occasions the article is totally omitted, and it bothers me. I'm wondering what the justification for ...
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How do American English and British English use the definite article differently?

I decided to make sure that I know this important difference between American and British English, so I wrote what I have found out so far and I would be grateful to anyone who reads this and tells me ...
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