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"neophyte writer" or "neophyte in writing"? [duplicate]

Quite paradoxically, I came across this usage in a blog on How to improve your writing skills where the author says, "When I was a neophyte writer..." Is this a correct usage? Shouldn't it be ...
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Conversation skills vs Conversational skills [duplicate]

I'm trying to write a sentence like this - "Our classes have enabled children to enhance their reading, writing and conversational skills." Is this correct? Or it supposed to be conversation ...
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What part of speech is the word hair in 'hair spray'? [duplicate]

Consider the following sentence as an example. I used some hair spray. What part of speech is hair? Intuitively, I want to say it's an adjective modifying spray since hair spray is two separate words ...
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A mathematics career but a journalist-ic career? [duplicate]

My question pertains to the rules, and more specifically the ostensible violation of the rules on the modification of nouns into adjectives. I sometimes experience difficulty of knowing when to ...
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An adjective or a noun?

In the collocation "baby girl" is "baby" an adjective or a noun?
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Using past participle vs existent noun form for adjective

There are multiple ways a noun can be described by an adjective by a word that is already an adjective (e.g., big, dark, high, low) by a noun (mushroom house) by a participle (running dogs, painted ...
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Video Magazine or Magazine Video

Although the titular term needs no more explanation, as in the Wikipedia, Video magazines are a series of online videos that follow the print magazine format in which the reader/viewer consumes an ...
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How do I choose between a noun and a participle when picking one to use as an adjective?

I know that I can use both a noun and a participle as an adjective but what do I have to ask myself when choosing between them? For instance: Talking points, talk points Information technology, ...
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How do an attributive noun (noun adjunct) and an adjective differ in the case when both forms exist and they synonymously function as a modifier?

i.e. How do ancestor worship house and ancestral worship house differ? Definitions ancestor [noun] a person, typically one more remote than a grandparent, from whom one is descended. an early type ...
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Conjuring is listed as a noun on Google and Longman but then why does it appear as an adjective in the examples listed at these places?

E.g., on Google, the meaning is: "the performance of tricks which are seemingly magical, typically involving sleight of hand." But the given example is: "a conjuring trick". Similarly, the example in ...
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