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Giving an example of a "problem" where the example is plural [duplicate]

I've got this sentence here: The most recent problem I can think of is personal knowledge management systems. That seems grammatically incorrect because of the mismatch between the singular ...
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plural form or singular form after a subject clause [duplicate]

Which of the following is correct? What matters are people. What matters is people. What matter are people. Thank you.
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subject verb agreement: "the downside are the messages" [duplicate]

Which is the correct one: the big downside is the imperfect messages the user gets. the big downside are the imperfect messages the user gets. I am almost sure the second one is correct with "...
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Grammatical rules pertaining to 'number shifts' [duplicate]

Thanks everybody for your enthusiasm for my previous questions. Now I have an additional question pertaining to a particular section of English grammar: "number shifts" For example: The problem with ...
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Should I use 'is' or 'are' in ambiguous sentences like this one? [duplicate]

I understand that you should use 'is' for singular and 'are' for plural, but in this sentence I am not sure which applies. Take the sentence Bees are an important part of our ecosystem. Let's say I ...
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Which of these sentences is correct and why? "My favorite food is/are hamburger(s)" [duplicate]

My favorite food is hamburgers. My favorite food are hamburgers. My favorite food is hamburger. As a native speaker, I know instinctively that number 1 is correct but I'm finding it difficult to ...
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How to say "He is my spectacles"? [duplicate]

Assume that I am a blind person and am writing an essay about how my brother allows me to see the world (just like spectacles allow people with poor vision to see the world) through his conversations ...
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agreement of the subject complement with the subject [duplicate]

A colleague of mine asked me, "Can we say 'My favorite food is hamburgers.'" I said of course it is correct. But she said a native speaker says it is wrong. It should be "My favorite ...
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Can I say, “The alternative to it are private schools.”? [duplicate]

Is it possible to use this word order for the two subjects?
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What is the correct conjugation for "The problem is/are the rules"? [duplicate]

I recently stumbled across the sentence below, but I'm not sure which version is correct (or more specifically, I personally am pretty sure it's the second one, but other people disagreed): The ...
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Should I use "is'' or "are'' in the sentence, "The next canonical choice IS the so-called slip boundary conditions...''? [duplicate]

Should I use "is" or "are" in this sentence? The next canonical choice [is/are] the so-called slip boundary conditions... I've struggled to find an answer for this question ...
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Agreement in "[Singular Noun] Is/Are [Plural Noun]"?

My fish's native habitat is rice fields. My fish's native habitat are rice fields. Which one is correct? I'm pretty sure it's the first, since 'is' modifies 'habitat,' but it still sounds weird...
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Is this correct pluralization? "it is these three.."

It is these three sentences that show why I am an expert orator Suppose that there are three paragraphs above this line that each talk about one of the three sentences being referenced. Should it be ...
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Can singular nouns be compared to plural ones? [closed]

In the end of the Pink Panther episode "Sink Pink", the pink panther says: "Why can't Man be more like animals?" Does this comparison employ correct grammar? It sounds wrong to me. Link to ...
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copulation with uneven noun-phrases

One can use the copula to connect noun phrases of different number. Example: The conversational topic that kept us pleasantly chatting was the different Southern dialects in the US. Here it ...
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